Naraka: BladePoint the best glyphs

In Naraka: BladePoint, you have the opportunity to set up and optimize your play style using the perks in the Talent section. This game has three talent slots for each player. One is unlocked much earlier in the game, and the other two open later.

The game has three more types of talents. These are glyphs, skills and ulters. You have a wide selection of talent options in Naraka: BladePoint, and sometimes it can confuse.

Glyphs are perhaps the most confusing and extensive category of talents in this game. In this leadership, we will tell you everything you need to know about the glyphs in Naraka: BladePoint.

how to unlock the glyphs in Naraka: BladePoint

Before we consider the best glyphs in Naraka: Breakpoint, we must first understand how the glyphs open.

Glyphs (talents) are unlocked when your account reaches the 6th level. You can reach the 6th level, gaining experience points (XP), which can be obtained in several different ways in the game.

In the early stages of the game, it is very easy to get XP, as most players in your matches will be bots, which are very easy to kill. In addition, daily tasks will also be very simple, and they can be quite easily performed even in solitary mode.

However, as the game is going to earn XP, it becomes more and more difficult, because you are faced with the best players, and the tasks that you get are also becoming more and more difficult.

You can also easily get a lot of XP at the beginning of the game, performing training programs, both ordinary and advanced.

As soon as you reach the level 6 and unlock the glyphs, the first board of the glyphs will be unlocked for all your characters/heroes. However, two other boards are expensive. These boards need to be bought either for 120x Gold, or for 6000x TAE. These additional boards can be assigned to certain characters and are mainly used to create certain assemblies.

Glyphs can also be improved to increase/enhance their effect. Each glyph begins with level 1 and can be increased to the maximum level 5. You can improve glyphs through TE.

Naraka: BladePoint the best glyphs

Now that we have learned how to unlock the glyphs, let's delve into their details. In Naraka: BladePoint there are 4 categories of glyphs:

  • Source
  • Lunar
  • Omni
  • Sunny

The total number of glyphs in this game is more than 100, which is a lot. The choice of glyphs usually varies from the player to the player depending on his style of the game, but, nevertheless, we selected one of the best glyphs that players use all over the world.

Best Glyphs of origin

Name Effect
Wealth Allows you to get dark coins over time
Energetic Allows you to receive dark coins over time, and also slightly increases good luck.

What Spirit | You restore energy faster perseverance | Increases the duration of Cairn wildness | You restore rage faster

Best Omni-Glyphs

Name Effect
Riot Your initial rage increases sharply, which allows you to activate ultraship faster.
Conviction Offers discounts from the Rift merchant when buying items.
Korobeynik Offers additional discounts from the Rift dealer, allowing you to receive dark coins.
Reason Increases your maximum energy supply
Heat The speed with which you can save your allies in Cairn is increased.

Best Moon Glyphs

Name Effect
Labor Increases the speed of the captive hook
Intuition Allows you to see the strips of enemy health longer.
Dexterity Reduces the amount of energy necessary to evade attack.
Solve Increases the rage of damage from enemies
Rage Increases the rage received when applying damage to enemies

the best sunny glyphs

Name Effect
Light Reduces the damage received from Shadow Corruption
Genius Reduces the time of reloading skills
Flight Increases the distance overcome by your hook
Miracle Increases the chance of rare objects.
Merchant It further increases the chance of falling rare objects, and also offers a discount from a portal merchant.