Beware of your feet! Skyrim SE MOD that sometimes gets messed up by carpets -may fall when you inadvertently step on it.

User Johnskyrim has released a MOD JS RUMPLED RUGS SE to add variations to carpets in the game for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition . 。

A carpet that is almost always placed in the Skyrim residence. It may be an object that you can see while searching for items, but you don't have to be conscious. This time, Johnskyrim has not only added more than 50 variations to carpets in the game and replaced it, but also adds some of the factors that are messed up.

According to the MOD description, there is an interactive version that can be interlaced and re-arranged in the center of the disturbed carpet. The fixed carpet seems to be random and messy again in about one day (two weeks in the game).

In addition, as a result of the update of this MOD recently, the interactive version has added a function that allows players and NPCs to move with a certain probability when they move on a messy carpet. The demonstration video is also released, and the video can see how the guards trying to attack the hero fall on a disturbed carpet.

The LE version of this MOD is not currently open, but Johnskyrim says, I may make it later.

JS RUMPLED RUGS SE is now available on Nexus Mods. Please take responsibility when introducing MOD.