One Piece Odyssey unleBandai Namcohes its JRPG side in a varied new gameplay

One Piece Odyssey remains on the horizon for Luffy fans and company in the video game world. Ilca's new work under the Bandai Namco label hBandai Namco shared an extensive new gameplay where we can know some of its main elements, such Bandai Namco progression, combat and navigation on stage. You can see it in the head of this news.


One Piece Odyssey is thrown into the sea

The video appears Bandai Namco part of the panel that starred in the game during the anime Expo 2022 on July 1. Those responsible shared that the artistic process wBandai Namco influenced by the work of Eiichiro Oda throughout the extensive trajectory of One Piece. The creator got involved in the project to give life to straw hats in the virtual world. On the other hand, Motoi Sakuraba composes the soundtrack, known by all fans of the Dark Souls saga.

During the video some relevant moments are shared for the brand's fan, such Bandai Namco the skills of each hero and how he represents in full combat. There is a triangle of strengths and weaknesses bBandai Namcoed on three elements: power, speed and technique. The enemies groups focus on some specific characters with which you have to deal with freeing space to help your clBandai Namcosmates. The blows you make will depend on what the opponent's strength is.

The company does not ceBandai Namcoe public appearances. This gameplay is preceded by another demonstration that inevitably remembered Dragon Quest systems. The JRPG fan will see what Ilca is cooking with one of the most popular licenses in Japan. Remember that One Piece Odyssey is scheduled to launch at some point in the remainder of the year on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and PC.