How to fix the error You have already entered the game in Tower of Fantasy

Given his recent launch, it is not surprising that Tower of Fantasy suffers from a number of problems. These problems vary from problems with connecting to performance problems and much more. One of the problems that Tower of Fantasy pursue is a game that gives you a mistake that you have already entered the game server, even if you just started. To help you solve this problem, we compiled several instructions.

How to fix the mistake You have already entered the game

If you do not enter the game of Tower of Fantasy, you cannot play it. So, the error You have already entered the game in Tower of Fantasy is a serious problem for all players and makes the game completely incompetitive.

OK button for spam

Only 3,000 players will include the game in line at the same time. There are more than 3,000 players on crowded servers and even more, waiting for their turn. So, continue to spam, by pressing the OK button. Then you will have more chances to get into the queue and enter the game.

Restart the game

The first and most common solution to the problem of entering the system is the restart of the game. Just close the game using Alt+F4 and restart the game. If your game does not close properly, you can close the game from the dispatcher of the tasks.

Restanation of the client

One of the problems that can interrupt your entrance to the system is the client himself. This problem is mainly related to PC users, and they need to leave the client, as well as from the game, restart and re-enter the client to solve the problem.

For players playing on mobile devices, you can simply close the game and restart it.

server change

Tower Crowded servers can also cause problems with the entrance to the system. To do this, you can try to change the server you play. The change in the server will mainly solve the problem for most players experiencing problems with the entrance to the system.

If you have problems with ping, you can try to play at a time when the server is less loaded so as not to encounter an error.

reinstalling the game

If none of the above methods solve the problem, you can always delete and re-download the game. It seems a little counterproductive, but it will definitely solve the problem for you.