How to get Twitch Drops at Valorant Champions 2022

As in previous years, Riot Games announced several awards in the form of free Twitch drops for its fans of e-sports, setting up for Valorant Championship 2022 tournaments. A set of gifts varies from unique cards with banners to bizarre patterns in the form of spraying inside the game. To get Valorant Champions 2022, you must first connect your Riot Games account profile with Twitch and tune in to real games to receive awards starting from September 2, 2022.

All Twitch Drop for Valorant Champions 2022

You can apply for the following awards, observing the matches in the established period.

How to connect your account Riot Games with Twitch

To bind your Riot Games account with Twitch, perform these actions.

Valorant * Firstly, create a Twitch platform account if you do not have it. * After creating the account, open the Twitch account settings by clicking the wheel icon. * Now go and go to the Connections section. Find the Riot Games option in the long list of applications and games. * Click on the connection button to tie both of your accounts. Build the connection by entering your profile.

As soon as the connection is installed, a green checkbox with a message your Riot Games account is connected under the heading of the Riot Games. *

How to get Twitch Drop Rewards awards

As soon as you receive the Twitch award during the scheduled matches, the corresponding reward will be immediately reflected in your Riot account. Open the game and you will be met with gifts.

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