How to solve the astral puzzle to the north

The Golden Apple Archipelago returned to the Summertime Odyssey from Genshin Impact, which takes place from from July 15, 2022 to August 24, 2022 . During this period, you can get a lot of limited chests of chests, solving puzzles in the summer islands.

In the real version on the Minational Island you will find an astral puzzle that opens only after the end of the quest segment is ancient azure stars. Then you can use the place in water function to switch between the last and real versions of the island. As soon as you configure everything, go to the area circled in the image below to find a puzzle.

How to solve the astral puzzle of the constellation in Genshin Impact

Look at the sky to find a reference image for the puzzle. Your goal is to turn the star conductors to form the same form as the constellation in the sky. Turning the star conductor, attack it to form a line connecting it to another stellar conductor. If you want to break the connection, just attack Star Guide again.

Assuming that constellation in front of you , refer to the image above to find out the exact revolutions of the star conductor necessary to solve the puzzle. Remember that star conductors can connect with each other in any direction, but you must perform the exact compounds described above for this puzzle. As soon as you finish, exquisite chest a reward will appear.

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