LOL: The definitive dangerous of a unique champion with whom you can change the course of a game

10 In League of Legends, We can witness all kinds of things In almost any game: outplays, pentakills, epic 1v1... Some movements make us feel particularly proud of ourselves, while others sometimes make us want to disappear or even leave the game. Our player of the day is in both categories, since he gave us a play in Reddit that, at first glance, seems quite well thought out, but becomes very quickly a bad idea that condemns the his team forever.

a definitive one that did not go as expected

Just say that our player had no bad intentions, His goal was simply to save his team, well regretted on the map of the abyss of the regrets, from an Ashe arrow that could have been devastating . It should be clarified that he was playing Bardo , so when he feels that his team is in great danger, he decides to launch his r-malleable destin while he gradually retreated to avoid death. What happened? Well, his team was completely static and bathed in gold about to receive the glass arrow on the face. At first he seemed good, but he hadn't thought about what he was still just after.

It is true that Ashe's definitive ability will have been useless, but Bardo's Ulti literally offered his entire team to the opposite team, which, unfortunately, had a gnar that had just launched his monstrous form. Neither one nor two, at the exit of the wandering guardian, the lost link crushes the entire team of our bard against the wall... * The team that is swept in a few seconds, leaving a single survivor: bard. *

We do not know if the player was verbally beaten by his companions, and we hope not, but in Reddit, most users found his play fun (just like us). One thing is safe, Bardo will think twice before throwing his definitive one once again.