LOL: The next champion is called K'sante and Riot Games has already revealed the first details

Riot Games will reduce the rhythm to which the new champions join League of Legends . However, developers have not wanted to pay without first offering us an advance of everything that will come to the game over the coming months. In fact, the company has doubled its usual bet offering more details than ever about a character that still lacks a few months to land on the invoker crack. We talk about K’sante , newly revealed hero that will reach the game before the end of 2022.

The next champion who will arrive in League of Legends


Introducing his story, League of Legends developers have presented K’sante as the great leader of a city named Nazumah. This location is in full desert of Shurima and is only possible thanks to the great people of the town have been able to conquer this fertile territory ending all the monsters of the vacuum. An undoubtedly interesting biography that ends with a whole declaration of intentions, since it is mentioned that from the eliminated monsters obtain strange resources they use to create their infrastructure and weapons .

Those responsible for League of Legends have also revealed that the weapon that this champion will use is called Ntoofos. These elements, which do not exist in the real world, have been defined as forceful weapons that can be used defensively. However, and continuing with the appointment, they can also crack to reveal some blades capable of tearing any enemy in seconds. In this sense, knowing that it is a champion mainly based on resistances, we can expect him to have a skill that unleashes all his offensive potential.

To these details revealed by Riot Games we can still add a great advance that developers had already offered. According to them, the upper lane needs a little more complex champions because it is a profile barely existing in this position. A situation that had committed to partially remedy with this incorporation. In this sense, l os fans of the Top Lane can be satisfied . In addition and although everything will be ready when K’sante is officially launched, everything indicates that there will be great improvements to the top of the map after the preseason.