The best benefits and tips for Bugs Bunny in Multiversus

Bugs Banny is another Loony Tunes character, which makes his way to Multiversus. He knows how to quickly move around the arena to take responsibility for the battle, all the time throwing objects into enemies, from missiles to domestic pies.

The next guide will help you choose the best bonuses for errors in Multiversus.

Best Bonny Bunny Bonuses in Multiversus

Corporate bonus: Passing through the dock Bugs use tunnels to move in the arena. His branded perk allows him to send a shock wave to the nearest enemies every time he leaves the tunnel. You can use it to even stun enemies, surprising them.

perk slot 1: Rain, dog Bags is one of the fastest characters in the game. This perk increases its mobility.

This gives him an additional 20% speed that can be useful when you lose your tail or run quickly to enter the tunnel before the enemy caught you.

perk slot 2: coffee This is considered an auxiliary perk that reduces the reloading rate by 10%. Thus, you can use more your abilities instead of running in anticipation of the end of reloading.

Bugs perk slot 3: ice to defeat you Bags Bunny has a number of objects that he can throw in enemies as shells. This perk adds an ice debuff to distant attacks, which slow down the enemies when hit, opening them for subsequent attacks.

Bags Banny Tips

  • Use bugs for distant attacks, since he is a pro in this matter. Do not forget that your inventory should be full of things that can be left, from missiles to even pies.
  • Use the additional speed of beetles to escape from enemies when you inevitably expect an attack.