The Nintendo Switch over syndicate proceeds in the Japan Top Sales, with PS5 coming to a head on the head

Sony It was not a bad week for PS5, thinking about the supply problems that, as in markets such as Spanish, the console continues to suffer. In this feeling 46,600 devices marketed of the PlayStation 5 equipment were reported, which despite being really far from the greater than 153,000 Nintendo Switch over tools bought is a good healing signal, at least for stocks in stores.

The top-10 of very successful computer game of the week in Japan does absent information, and this makes it much easier for the almost absolute monopoly to continue in Nintendo's hands, leaving a hole just for the presence of Grandma Tourism 7 in the ranking The race title has already surpassed the number of 157,000 duplicates in its version for PS5 **.

Many thanks to Famitsu's data, we can see the greatest software successes in Japanese stores, highlighting on this celebration the top achieved by Nintendo Switch Sports despite reaching the market four months ago.

For the remainder there is little bit more to comment this week of the very successful top-10 of software application and the list of performance of the major gaming consoles, where little by little, and also definitely to sadness of numerous, PS4 starts to tire their journey in the stores.