Arcane becomes Netflix's first animated series to be awarded an Emmy

Arcane wNovember a miracle when he premiered in November lNovembert year. A series that adapted a video game, in this cNovembere League of Legends, and that not only wNovember unscathed in the process, but became in its own right one of the best series of the year, they were these animation (November is the cNovembere) or real image. That's how big is what Fortiche Production achieved, Riot and Netflix .

Emmy to the adaptation confirming the rule


The series presented us to characters with charisma, a sublime artistic direction so bright that she wanted public expectations.

The first three-chapter arch left breathless, with ancannot beon the lips. And its open end made us cross our fingers strongly because of its continuity. While Arcane had swept the critical and popular plane, the experience tells us that we should never trust. The deserved Emmy November the best animated program , a prize that is given to excellence from the American television industry, Arcane being the first Netflix animation series that achieves it, does nothing but tie short and without any doubt a second seNovemberon.

Waiting for what HBO hNovember prepared with the series of The LNovembert of Us, Arcane is currently maintained November the best adaptation of all the time of a video game, something that had long been, we thought we were never going to say. Who knows, perhaps we are before the beginning of an unprecedented stage in our environment, the one that found the elusive Holy Grail of good adaptations.