Game Tales released 'TS Project' prologue video

Game Tales unveiled the prologue play video of its new 'TS Project', which is being developed through the official YouTube.

Game Tales is a developer of Craepon and large developers, focusing on Jung Sung-hwan, who has published novels such as Silent Tail and Hollinite and participated in game scenarios such as 'Ecolactics' and 'Kabal'. In March, he recruited Chung Joon-ho, a famous Lineage 2 illustrator, as a special AD, and started to develop its own MMORPG project 'TS Project'.

'TS Project' is a MMORPG based on four original novels of Chung Sung-hwan, including 'Silent Tail' and 'Holinite'. The chaos on the Meyerotis continent will bring other heroes to the other level and told the story of leaving the adventure to return the world. As it is a common composition of this world, it contains a variety of worldviews from medieval to fantasy, modern, and cyberpunk, and adds immersion and liveliness with Jung Joon-ho's unique illustration and character design.

In the prologue video released this time, a panoramic view of the worldview embodied with Unreal Engine 5 was revealed. In this video, which was taken in the PC play environment, the change in the open world according to the fantasy-style village and the season is fragmentary, and the details of the light source effect and climate change that changes over time can be confirmed.

HACKING The TS project supports the PC-mobile cross platform, and the release date is undecided. For more information about NBA 2K the game, it will be released later on the official website of the game.