How to quickly increase the level in Anime Story - Roblox

Anime Story-an excellent anime game for Roblox, full of adventures, research and epic battles. Create your character by performing various quests around the world for recognizable anime characters. By increasing your level and earning precious stones, you can not only increase your statistics, but also unlock unique abilities and awakening that will make you even stronger and allow you to go to new locations. Here are several ways to increase the level as quickly as possible so that you can start your anime historian.

perform quests

How Select quests from NPC -one of the best ways to quickly and effectively earn XP. Having accepted the quest, check the left lower corner of the screen to find out what awards you will receive for completing the tasks. He will also show how much XP you will earn. The higher the level of quests that you accept, the more experience you get. You can also get multipliers for the performance of quests that will double your increase in experience for a while during the game.

Fight enemies

The fight against enemies is another excellent way to effectively earn XP. Since many quests already require battles from you, you can get twice as much experience for the destruction of all surrounding enemies. The use of abilities that aim at several opponents is a great way to do it quickly. You will gain experience for each defeated enemy, and the higher the level or rarity, for example, damned enemies or bosses, the more experience you get.

Use amplifiers

If you want to get more experience during the game, you can buying boosters this greatly simplifies the level of level, so you can reach high levels in the shortest possible time. Select store from the menu on right side of your screen. The cost of boosters XP from 99 to 1111 reais, depending on the duration of their action. Do not worry about spending them wasted, as they suspend your progress when you get out of the game, and continue from the place where you stopped.

Enter the codes

Busts is a great way to increase the level even faster than quests or grind of mobs. However, if you do not have Roux to spend on them, you can always get them for free with the help of codes. The developers give out codes for intrastate awards at updates or as targets achieve. Anime Story codes can sometimes give you free increase in experience This will double your XP increase for several minutes and will not require you to spend roux.

become VIP

As when buying XP boosters for Roux, you can spend a little Roux on the purchase of VIP transactions. You can find these additional gaps directly under the image of the game, next to in tabs On the Program and Servers . To become VIP in Anime Story gives you 20% bonus to experience this is forever, which means that you will always increase the level faster, and you do not need to worry about the expiration of its validity. You can also get other excellent additional opportunities, becoming VIP, for example, double awards in AFK Machine, a unique chat tag and a crown put on.

Here are several ways to quickly increase the level in Anime Story, so you do not have to waste time. You can start traveling through exciting locations, fight with other players in the rating PVP games and start several new exciting quests as soon as possible!

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