How to open locked chests in The Survivalists

The cards consisting of the location of the treasures hidden on the island are relatively usual in The Survivalists. These include useful things to make your remain on the definitely simpler island, considerably decrease your job and also aid you search, accumulate and also make challenge endure. When you follow the ideas and also indices of the treasure card, you get a locked trunk as a benefit, and you bring it back to the camp. The trunk is locked as well as access to content inside is not totally clear.

As opposed to locating a secret, all you need to do is make use of a tool or a tool on the locked trunk and open it. The web content it has will certainly appear on the ground, and also you can pick it up when you have actually completed ruining the trunk. There are added items inside the treasure breast apart from the original that pointed out on the map, so discovering a number of locked chests means that you have accessibility to a decent variety of points.

You probably believe that you have to discover a trick in a dungeon or dig up a close to place where you discovered the buried treasure. This is not the instance. The solution is clearer than that.


As the trunk does not require a key, you do not require bringing it back with you to the camp. It is more suitable to delegate particular unnecessary things to all the storage breasts that you might have instead than leaving the precious things that you locate inside the treasure on the ground.