The Ubisoft new shooter official appeals that Skill Base Matchmaking does not adopt. Is it an attempt to avoid the systems that divide the pros and cons

TOM CLANCY'S DEFIANT has announced that SBMM (Skill Base Matchmaking) is not introduced on the casual play (Casual Play) of this work. In addition, the official Twitter account for overseas emphasizes that SBMM is not used. A slightly unusual appeal is being made.

SBMM is a system that performs matchmaking according to the player's skill. Skills are displayed as ratings, and are often referred to as a system that is introduced in casual game modes, apart from common rank matches.

X Di Giants is a free online match FPS that connects the worldview of the popular TOM CLANCY'S series. In the game, 6: 6 arena type, linear-type competitive game mode and a variety of maps will be prepared. This work is a crossover work, and power and characters appear from the Tom Clancy's series. Each force is given a role according to each characteristic.

Official appeal with SBMM rejected **

This time, the developer of X Di Infants has implemented AMA (ASK me Anything) for user communities on SNS. The questions and answers at that time were posted on the official website. Among them, it is reported that SBMM is not used for casual play matchmaking. And the official Twitter account of this work further emphasizes that SBMM is not adopted. Let's eliminate SBMM from casual play? We know the game, he introduces the matchmaking system of this work.

On the other hand, a mechanism for beginners will be introduced. Players who have just started the game can use playlists that can only be participated in a certain level or less in addition to regular playlists. It is said that if you exceed a certain level, you will not be able to participate in beginner playlists.

In the future, there is a possibility that a special matchmaking pool will be created for players with low skills. This target is expected to be a small group, and is expected to be less than half the total number of players.

Fairness securing instead of SBMM

In addition, MMR (Match Making Rating) will be adopted in this work. It will be a hidden (hidden) system that adjusts the balance of the team according to the skills of the players. It seems that it will be a mechanism to maintain fairness, such as having a chance to win in the game.

From the current status announced, it seems to be similar to SBMM in terms of matchmaking system based on player skills. On the other hand, the balance adjustment of the team based on MMR may be different after matching. Some users think that they will match the 12 randomly selected 12 people, and then divide them into six teams based on MMR.

It is somewhat unclear what kind of system the casual play matchmaking of X Di Dating is actually based on. However, since the official states that SBMM is not adopted in the mode, it will be a certain differentiation from SBMM.

SBMM problems

So why is the Defiant formula launched so far that it doesn't adopt SBMM so far? It may be related to the recent SBMM recruitment work that users have pointed out and dissatisfied with various problems.

For example, some games with SBMM are reported that matchmaking time is extended when classified into high-skilled players. If there are few advanced users to meet the standards set by SBMM, it is thought that it takes time to secure the number of people required for matches.

In addition, in SBMM, the player intentionally loses and decreases with internal skill evaluation. It is possible to forcibly match with low skills. Some SBMM recruitment titles seem to be measuring players' skills from the latest match. With such a title, it doesn't take much effort to lower the skill indicators. Due to the principle of matching players with the same skill evaluation, unprecedented works make it easier to do morals like smurf in rank matches.

And in games with SBMM, it has been pointed out that casual matches cannot be enjoyed casually. With the introduction of SBMM, skills are less likely to occur among players, and players tend to continue fighting a homogeneous battle with less ability differences. Depending on the game, you may encounter an act like the above-mentioned smart. The introduction of SBMM may have led to a situation where casual matches cannot be enjoyed with advanced/beginners. Similar opinions are scattered on SNS.

Due to these problems and user dissatisfaction, there are aspects that the SBMM's bad reputation has spread. Some manufacturers may be avoiding the statement of the introduction of SBMM in matchmaking. It seems that the Xi Di Giants formula emphasized the non-adoption of SBMM.

SBMM Achievement

On the other hand, the introduction of SBMM may be useful for game development and operator. For example, Fort Knight has announced the introduction of matching systems between players according to the skill level. In addition, a mechanism for beginners to participate in a match with many bots. You can gradually get used to the game without being thrown into the battle between players with high skills.

The developer of Fall guys has also revealed the SBMM's intention to introduce in the official Discord (THE LOADOUT). The developer explained that the intention of introducing SBMM is to make the game easier for beginners to continue the game. He stated that bringing new players to have fun experiences in the game will lead to the long-term success of the game.

UBISOFT In addition, users have a favorable opinion on SBMM. Some users evaluate the point that beginners and casual players can easily flow into the game by SBMM. He said that if he had no SBMM, he would fight professional and advanced and continue to die, and his heart would break. Some users say, I want to criticize SBMM because I want to overrun low-skilled players and improve my mood. There are a certain number of opinions that beginners and casual players need SBMM to enjoy the game comfortably.

It is especially important for long-term services to have a mechanism that makes it easy for new players to flow. In particular, the matchmaking system is also emphasized in the competitive game according to the skills that can continue the game. Although the SBMM used as one of these measures is recognized for a certain effect, it has problems. Whether you want to introduce an SBMM or adopt another mechanism, how to build a matchmaking system is likely to be an issue for each manufacturer in the future.