87 games for Nintendo 3DS alone. Why did Ark System Works play DL games so much? Was it selling in the first place? Ask the staff at that time

The Nintendo 3DS (3DS) series and Wii U's Nintendo E Shop where the service ends. In August this year, the balance will not be added, and the sale of download software will be completed on March 28, 2023, next year. The name of the Ark System Works that comes up with the 3DS download software. Speaking of Ark System Works, there is a track record in fighting games such as GUILTY GEAR and BLAZE. On the other hand, a large amount of small download software is sold, and the number is 87 in 3DS al1. It may be inevitable that there is such a title, but it will end without being summarized. Why have Ark System Works released games so much in the first place?

This time, our magazine talked to the staff who was deep in the download title of the Ark System Works. The listener was a Altaba Ra oil, who runs an absolute Simplest, and is second to download game love. This time, we focused on 3DS, and the 3DS market and changes from the Ark System Works. Regarding software, from the popular Sabik's rat group and escape adventure to Gigi Inryoku-chan with many deep fans. Let's deliver a number of valuable stories that can only be heard here.

In addition, some titles introduced in the interview will be on sale until November 7 (Monday), so if you are interested, please play: https://www.arcsystemworks.jp/portal/post-23858/?arcv#3ds

-Thank you for today. Then everyone, please introduce yourself.

Satoshi Ahumada (hereinafter referred to as Ahumada) : My name is Satoshi Ahumada, the section manager of the Ark System Works Product Development Department Section 2. In terms of development, I am mainly producers. Of the 98 download software, 85 are involved, so I'm wondering what to do (laughs). Escape adventure. The title I thought completely was Worked.

His Yamaha (hereinafter referred to as Mr. Yamaha): This is UTA Yamaha of the Ark System Works Product Development Department Section 2. As a planner for working units, I was interacting with external development companies and writing localized textbooks. In addition, for internal development titles, Geisha Racing is the main planner, and in addition to the Sabik's rat group, he is also in charge of the director. Also, the 3DS Disease theme released by Ark System Works is about 95%.

Why was the game released in 3DS in the first place

— Altaba oil, the administrator of the game blog Absolute SIMPLEism. We have been introducing and reviewing games for more than 15 years. Ark System Works' download software has been chasing from the Wii era to the present. This time, I will participate as a listener. Immediately, Ark System Works released download software approaching 100 for 3DS al1. Why did you focus so far?

Mr. Ahumada: Originally, Ark System Works has been taking the initiative in download software since the Wii era. So, rather than putting in special power, I feel like I got out of the flow up to that point. However, I wonder if I could give this number only because of the 3DS ability. The development cost was cheaper than now, so it was easy to challenge, and the balance between risk and return was very good for business.

Also, I think that the hardware of 3DS has greatly spread download software in Japan itself. At the time of the release, it was common to buy game software physically in packages, but for the first time in Nintendo's hardware, the download version of the package version was now available. I think Nintendo himself was a hardware that focused on selling download software, so we engaged our policies well. Of course, this is not only 3DS, but also the number of smartphones and various subscriptions increased, and I think that paying the service itself has penetrated. As a result of the spread of download games in 3DS, the spread of the user, even if software is released, the market has been revitalized. So, I'm going to do it more and more.

Mr. Yamaha: When the 3DS was released, it was time for the mobile phone to be replaced with a smartph1. So what happens is that each household has a Wi-Fi router properly. Naturally, both DS and Wii had online functions, but at that time, there was no Wi-Fi environment in Japan so that they had to buy adapters. In the age of 3DS, there is no additional investment, and Wi-Fi routers will be deployed to each household. Naturally, it is easy to connect the Internet with 3DS, and the user connects to the store and finds such a software! We put out the software saying, It's Blue Ocean! It was such a flow.

I think it was good to be able to get on this wave first in the flow of download software. The 3DS had a built-in SNS called diverse using a web browser and MID, so it was in a position close to a smartphone for a young age group. For those who were in elementary school at that time, it was probably the first Internet device that 3DS touches and the first SNS. I wondered if we could leave some memories of elementary school students at that time. I also had a diverse account. It is the predecessor of Ark's DL child ( 1)!

  • 1 A Twitter account that introduces the distribution system of Ark System Works. A character that attaches -DE to the end.

-In fact, 3DS had more response than DS or Wii as sales?

Mr. Ahumada: It wasn't suddenly from the beginning of 3DS, but it gradually grew, and after the middle stage, it was quite different from Wii and DSI wear.

――― The download software team of the Ark System Works is a little shade of the fighting game team, or a new standing position has the impression that it is challenging new things, but what kind of fighting game team? Was it a relationship?

Mr. Ahumada: At the time of Wii and DSI, the team of fighting games may have given the impression that they were making things that were not well understood. On the other hand, at first, the president was taking the initiative in downloading software, so it seems that he was warmly watched. However, I wonder if it has been recognized after the 3DS can sell software to some extent, the download team has been promoted to the section, the number of people has increased, and the company has been supported to some extent.

Mr. Yamaha: Anyway, the download games have a great number, so there was a title in the company, What will you release this week? Is this coming out? I was doing an in-house event to hit the number of units sold on the first day to solve it (laughs)

――The large project takes a long time to complete, so the department that turns a lot of small projects to ensure profits is quite happy for the company.

Mr. Ahumada: You did it with a large project team and a holding. Download software can make up for some time in the valley where a large title is not released. However, I think that we had more help with the big titles (laughs), and the staff who are now active in the core members of the fighting game have been working on download software in the past. It may have been. You want to make something different and return to download software again. Normally, both staff members and general staff can do the position above if they are small titles, so there was a pattern of experiencing and returning to the fighting game team.

So there are many people in the company who were involved in download software. Probably, I am talking on behalf of this time because I am the most involved, but the thoughts of many people are packed in each title.

Basic is a wide welcome

-What plan does download software proceed? I'm wondering how the start of development starts.

Mr. Ahumada: There are all patterns. There were some titles that we think for ourselves and make our own development, and sometimes we commercialize interesting carry-in projects from other companies. There are quite a few localization titles from overseas. Sometimes other companies could talk about whether they could come out in Japan, and sometimes they talked about wanting to come out from here. The president brought a mysterious title from somewhere, and there was a pattern that would be nice to do this (laughs).

――What was the groping feeling stronger, rather than raising your goals first?

Mr. Ahumada: Now, the size of the company is changing, but at that time it was easy to challenge. There was a place to try it when a good project came.

Mr. Yamaha: Or rather, I've never heard of a story that refused the project that came in reverse (laughs)

Mr. Ahumada: Of course, there are things that don't really go, but I was talking to my house, so I tried to raise it if I had the eyes of the plan. On top of that, I tried not to be in the red.

3DS ――In the 3DS era, you have been challenged a lot, but please tell us the changes in the times that were born from the times that the times changed, and Nintendo Switch became the main.

Mr. Yamaha: It seems to be a change in the times or the internal change.

Mr. Ahumada: I and Yamaha have changed what I do with the company's policies and organizations, not according to the market conditions in the game industry. In 3DS, I came with a tiny title, but after all, Nintendo Switch and PS4 will increase costs. In that sense, it is difficult to make what you want to make casually.

Also, it shifts from the main subject, but the rise of indie is great in the times. In the 3DS era, overseas companies could not easily enter. I needed a base in Japan and I needed to respond to Japanese, but Nintendo Switch has lost this rule and the barrier of entry has dropped (reference article), so overseas companies can be able to publish directly. When it came to it, it became difficult for us to sell overseas titles instead.

In addition, the release of overseas titles is now very vigorous for various companies, and I think that software that we do not need to actively work on it will be released more and more. Increase. For that reason, in the 3DS era, Yamaha was making original titles in-house, while actively doing localization titles overseas, but now I am carefully selected overseas titles. Recently, the size of the company's title is getting bigger, and I also do the title Wizard Symphony, which is not download software. I do various things.

As a company, even if you don't stick to download software, there are many title lines of fighting games, and it is a pillar, so if you do something else, you will need more staff. Under such circumstances, the download software is reduced a little and other titles are d1. That is the situation of the company.

It's about the change in the market, but the sale price has become cheaper and the selling price of the game is cheaper. The AAA title three to four years ago is half price or one quarter, so I wonder if it is a headwind for a low-priced game. Even if you make something at a cheap price, it is easy to be buried, so it is the current company's policy to spend a certain budget and make it firmly.

The best-selling game, surprisingly sold game

―― Can you ask me about a 3DS download software that was good for sales?

Mr. Ahumada: It's a bit of a mess, so the best-selling titles are 400,000 Cube Creator 3D ( 2), which is the best. In many ways, it matched the times and sold well.

  • 2 An action game with a craft element in the title released in 2015. It was an early appearance as a 3DS sandbox game

Sabik's rat! I think that the title that everyone remains impressive, such as Sabik's rat group and Died Punning era, is usually selling. What we were surprised was ARC STYLE: Baseball! ! 3D is quite high. If you think that something more characteristic will come up, you'll find a classic sport. The Kirk series is sold because of the long period of sale.

-Sabik's rat! I thought that the originality was particularly strong among Ark's download software, or I thought it was amazing at a glance, but how did you plan?

Mr. Ahumada: Since the 3DS market has ripened, it is a title born from the soil that wants to release more and more software. When Yamaha finished making Geisha Racing, it was talked about trying another 1. At that time, the programmers of the same generation are also open, and there is a line that can be programmed in the company. If so, the non-classic titles will be particularly careful. It is the flow that one of the strong originality that Yamaha has put out has passed. I was the judging side, but the moment I saw it, it looked interesting and perfect.

-Sabik's rat! Is it influenced by FT: Faster Than Light?

Mr. Ahumada: It was listed as a reference title in the planning stage (laughs)

Mr. Yamaha: The original image started from the Javan tribe traveling on a ground battleship in Star Wars, which seemed interesting to make it a game. Speaking of which, FT: Faster Than Light is similar. I wonder if the place to operate the character is good around Dwarf Fortress. It is a feeling of assembling the strategy that was cool at the time.

--thank you. From here, please tell us more about individual titles. First, about the Kirk series ( 3), which has continued since the Wii era. I think it's a long-lasting series, and there are many exposures. What is the position in Ark System Works?

  • 3 Started with the 2008 Wii software Kirk Ping-Pong A longevity series that leads to the 2019 Switch software Kirk Tennis SP. The content of the Easy Family's Family challenges various sports and playing cards. It is easy to play with simple operation.

Mr. Ahumada: It's like a format to give a classic title. I wonder if it's hard to get it even if it is colored strangely. However, it is not possible to make only a really dry character appear, so it is a character loved by as many people as possible, so that likes and dislikes do not appear as much as possible. If you let the character do various things by letting the character do it.

―― Please let me know if you have any special titles in the Kirk series.

Mr. Ahumada: In the 3DS, it is Okra Cart and Kirk Beach Valley. Kirk Cart had a Wii version that was based on, but the game is different. The Wii version is an analog operation with a Wii remote control, so you have to make it a racing game that can be enjoyed properly with ambiguous operations. The 3DS version is operated with a solid slide pad, so you can enjoy it even on severe courses, so you have to be able to run cool. At first, I was going to bring it from the Wii version, but after all, the course and operation are all rebuilt according to 3DS.

Regarding Okra Beach Valley, similar sports games continued, so we decided to make it different from the Oikiraku series. Fighting NPC characters, earning points and fostering points, and clearing many battles and clearing them. It is different from the arcade game-like construction, which is the end of the previous character and finishing 3-4 races. However, I have to make a game balance that is premised on training, so I usually make a lot of time than normal. For that reason, these two are the most powerful in the Kirk series.

―― Both have been played, so I was convinced in various ways. Certainly, the system of Okra Beach Valley is a bit different!

Mr. Ahumada: I was worried that it would be nice to make it because it was an Okra series (laughs), but there was an impression of the words, but there was nothing simple because I made one game software.

-The characters in the Kirk series have only names in the main two Genii or Naomi, and other than that, Daddy or Mama, but the official name is official. Is there a setting?

Mr. Ahumada: There is no proper setting. When I make it, I talk about Name is good in the inner ring, but it is not decided at the moment as a proper official setting.

―― This is a bit away from 3DS. In 2009, April Fool's Day announced the title Hikaru Love Experience to sell limited T-shirts, but did you actually plan to make it at that time?

Mr. Ahumada: Not!

All: (smile)

Mr. Ahumada: It was April Fool's Day. It may have been different if there was a story that it would be better to shape it, but it was not a development from the beginning, but everyone was doing it as a story.

Mr. Yamaha: Mom is also a capture target?

Mr. Ahumada: All female characters are also eligible for capture. However, it may be difficult to do so (laughs) I had a delusion of what would happen if I made it, but if Genki-kun was the leading role, it would be bad, so if I said that a third party player was good, third parties. It's easy to argue the women of the family. Of course, if you have your voice, you can't think of it (laughs)

―― I am convinced after hearing the answer over a few years. I'm glad I heard! Speaking of the series, I would like to ask about the Escape Adventure series, but 8 works have been released on 3DS alone, which is a very popular impression, but what about it? Please tell us if you plan to release the sequel.

Mr. Ahumada: It's really popular. The mystery solving and the scenario by the development company intense and the scenario were very high quality. It seems that Intense himself has his thoughts, and while he is making it, he does not just give the sequel in a similar format. Trying to do what has changed all the time.

I can't say the details because it's spoiler, but in the same world, I think, Isn't the character changed? It is a surprising configuration. The game system is evolving steadily and has useful functions. At first, I didn't plan to get 8 works, and I felt like I was going to do it up to the second work, but I always made a new challenge.

So, since the eighth work ends in a good place, there is no plan for the sequel so far, but the user has told the sequel every time, and of course it is a sequel or related. I always think about the title to do. It really depends on your voice. However, I have to think about it because I have to have customers enjoy it because I do it.

About Wiki Legend and Union series

――BYN's Wiki Legend was unusual at the time, and it was a spin-off with characters other than Union, but how was it developed?

Mr. Kane Hos ho (hereinafter Kane) Comment (Union Series Producer): At that time, A hot-blooded hard-to-rigid spectacular brawl concerto and Wiki Legend were planned at the same time. Mr. Hashimoto, the director of the arcade version of the hot-blooded rigid from the first work of 3DS, Hot-blooded hard-to-hard-rigid, participated, and the first work was performing well, so development with two works is progressing. I did it.

Wiki Legend is a carry-on project from the just created at that time, and it was decided to be developed by outsourcing the brawl concerto that I was planning at the time. The story is drawn from the back of the first work, Zuni Okunsupsha, and the story is drawn until the took fights at the platform at Shikoku Station. Of course, we asked Mr. Hashimoto for the story, and we made the development while arranging with Areas. I asked Kazoo Saw, who worked on the music of Kunokun-kun's Damion series. At that time, the live-action visualization of bad manga was popular, and while referring to the image, it was made with a different hard music. At that time, I didn't have much budget, so I was in charge of illustrations and UIs in E-Plus.

――― After that, the hot-blooded magic story was released on download software, but was this a popular development of Wiki Legend?

Kane: Hot-blooded magic story was a carry-in project from Avid Niagara, which was composed of Hirobumi Kimono, who made the NEW Downtown Hot Blood Story and Downtown Hot-blooded March and a former Techno Japan branch office. Former Techno Japan Niagara Branch has a staff member who created Union's Legend of Fighting and Surprisingly Hot Blood Records, and Mr. Kimono worked on a scenario in the Downtown series, so Visit Niagara representative. At that time, the license source was not the company at that time, so we brought it to the company and brought it to the license and produced it with permission.

At first, I was angry at the license, but there were historical drama, and I was able to proceed to development with sticky approval. At that time, I couldn't expect many overseas markets at that time, but it was a fantasy, so it was a title that was challenged as if it were easier to sell than Japanese high school students.

-SWORDS & DARKNESS was a fantasy action reminiscent of munition, but was it actually conscious? Also, was there an impact on the later hot-blooded magic story?

Kane: SWORDS & DARKNESS and Hot-blooded magic story were developed almost at the same time. The project is as described above, and the hot-blooded magic story has begun via Avid, and SWORDS & DARKNESS has been created only in the Union series before Hot-blooded magic story, so I created an original game project. I was planning and studying it from where I wanted to try it. The production staff members are members of Wiki Legend and Hot Blood Hard KNU Noun SP Concert Concerto, and I think they started developing immediately after the end. The content is almost like a mix of my favorite games, but I put in a modification and operation method of a system that I can not do with Known (Union is a series, so it is difficult to change the unique operation method of Union. There was frustration).

Since the budget was very small, I made a rough specification almost alone, the development period after the consignment was about 4 months, and the members were both, and about three people, as much as possible, as much as possible to postpone the postponement of development. We examined with settings and stories that can share the body part so that the graphics can be used as much as possible using the engine.

There are techniques like Mathawataki and Suburb of the special technique, and while using the system, I prepared all 2D graphics for me, and ask for a 3D background in Plus. I made it. This title was impressive with the title that was released for the first time in the original IP, including overseas. There is no impact on the hot-blooded magic story at all, and the same motif has been a similar motif, but the sales time has been close to the separate project and production.

Dog Mega Inryoku-chan is memorable including pros and cons

--thank you. Then let me return to other titles. Regarding Dog Mega Inryoku-chan ( 4), there is a strong commitment to the production side, such as updating the new Nintendo 3DS (hereinafter, New3DS) after more than a year after its release ( 5). It was a title that I thought.

four Action released in 2013. Invoke of the rotten cup pit is the leading role. Despite the strong behavior and the difficult stage, the pros and cons are divided, but I gave birth to a strong fan who burned in a time attack.

five Initially, when it was launched with New3DS, there were symptoms that the processing was violently dropped on some stages. Then modify by update

Mr. Ahumada: There was a very special feeling. I think that there were pros and cons in the system that was quite sharp in the system, but there were pros and cons in the company when developing (laughs). I think that some people were enthusiastic because they were transmitted to the players. The correspondence to the New3DS is that the processing is not good, but if you have that much, you want to update it.

-The trial version of Magi Mega Inryoku-chan was a dedicated original stage instead of cutting out of the main part. Why did it look like this?

Mr. Ahumada: The trial version was decided to be released after the main story. Originally it was not for those who are already playing, but I saw some enthusiastic users enjoying the product version, so I can't give back to such users. I thought.

Then, if you make an original stage for the trial version, you will have fun, including those who have already bought it. Also, in the trial version, it is not a simple cutout, but it is better to make it in a proper configuration, even if you know the point that this is such a game, if you play at a high level to some extent. I think it was. However, I heard that I was angry that I was too difficult from various places by checking the trial version (laughs).

―― I understand that Dog Mega Inryoku-chan was a game that was very loved by the creator. At that time, I was so happy that I was angry and cleared it, and it was an unforgettable title.

Mr. Ahumada: I also saw Ra oil's blog at that time...

――I wrote it with a lot of angry at that time! (Apologies)

Mr. Ahumada: But the article was also fun. I think Dog Mega Inryoku-chan was interesting. Including users' sad screams and angry things. Of course, I take the bad points seriously, but it is Magi Mega Inryoku-chan including that.

--thank you. Next, why was the sequel to Kabuki King ( 6) was Kalahari King ( 7)?

All: (smile)

  • 6 Kabuki King is a shooting released in 2011 as a sequel to Kamikaze released in Wii. It is one of the hard-to-hand-faced bottle that shoots a deer by gyro operation.

  • 7 Kalahari King is a shooting released in 2012 as a sequel to Kamikaze King. It is a hardcore one that shoots hawks by gyro operation.

Mr. Ahumada: Deer King was a characteristic title such as gyro operation, so when I thought about what to make next, I would like to make a sequel with this engine and forest graphics. I'm it. King King King had an element like a hidden character with a high-scoring hawk out, so why not use a game to defeat the hawk more and more? It was a natural flow as a sequel to those who enjoyed King. In Kalahari King, bears sometimes come out, so I thought it would be Kalahari King if I did it next time. After all, it didn't happen.

All: Kalahari King... (laughs)

――Bye, there are some works named Arc Style in the Ark System Works download software, but ARC STYLE: Baseball! ! I was watching 3D 3D and ARC STYLE: Simple Mahjong 3D and felt the genre was different. What kind of criteria did this be attached?

Mr. Ahumada: To put it simply, if you just wear soccer or mahjong about the sticky classic games, it would look like a Simple series of another company, so I wanted to brand it with some crown. There is already an Kirk series as a classic brand, but there are some titles that can not be d1. For example, even if you try to put out Hikaru Soccer, there are problems with the number of people. If you think about the target you are aiming for, it would be better to be a little Stoic than Mahjong. It was named ARC STYLE as a classic title differentiation that cannot be done in the Kirk series. However, looking back again, I think there is a pattern that this is an ARC STYLE and it is not here.

-Simple series... I see! (Laughs) Among them, ARC STYLE: Sangokushi Pinball ( 8) It was a very unusual work as a whole, but how was this planned?

  • 8 Pinball software released in 2012 with the motif of Sangokushi as a motif. A game that plays rocks instead of balls and defeats enemies An ambitious work that includes elements that make use of three-dimensional views, in which the defeated enemy flies toward the screen while screaming.

Mr. Ahumada: This is no longer a classic, so I think it would have been nice to have ARC STYLE (laughs). I think it's good to have it, but roughly speaking, there was a story about making a pinball game, and I wanted a stupid glue instead of making a normal thing as a project. Is it?

Perhaps it was usually ARC STYLE pinball. I really like this game. It is said that if you play the ball even though it is a pinball, people will blow away more and more. I think it's a sharp title, and it's fascinating.

---There was an unusual shogi software called Hobo Shogi (9), but this was a Hub series that changed the game and derived in other genres. Is not it. I would like to ask you about the opportunity for the project.

  • 9 Shogi software for people who are not good at shogi released in 2013. Proceeds with a character like a comic. The highest difficulty is normal because it is for poor people.

Mr. Ahumada: This was also the development title of E-Plus. Before that, there was a flower card every time, so it was the every time series, but it ended with the two. Every time Hobo Shogi was triggered by the shogi boom at that time. I also do small children, so why not make them? Shogi is insanely difficult, including rules, so try to make it easy to play. I heard that it was the concept of making shogi that you could not do seriously, but you can enjoy shogi.

If anything, the character's interaction was strong. It may not be a study of shogi, but it was great that it would be nice to be able to spread the frontage. Every time Canada was planned in a similar flow.

---Curling Susie (10) and Neither Sussex (11) had a common title, but was there a plan for the series?

ten A puzzle game featuring a sushi restaurant released in 2012. Become a new sushi craftsman and proceed with the game.

  • 11 The sequel released in 2013. The main character was the main character, and the genre was two corners while keeping the subject.

Mr. Ahumada: There was no plan to make a series. In the first place, I didn't think of the second work in the first stage. For the time being, it started from the place to make Curling Susie, and it was said that I wanted to make another one with this character near the end of the development, so Meets Sushi went up on the plan. It's like. Of course, I wanted to think about the series, but I didn't have a good project that suits Susie.

-Chef Shift-(12) was a pretty different title, but how was this planned?

  • 12 The title released in 2016, which has been a 3DS software of a real one-person card game. Content to increase the number of sheep silently using various cards. Various disasters such as plague and meter stand up.

Mr. Ahumada: Ark System Works has a board game club where board game lovers gather. Now, it has been pause due to the influence of the new colon virus, but my friends gathered and played about once or twice a month.

Among them, I was talking to Route Fury, the director of Dragon Ball Fighters, and this game called Chef is cute and interesting. It is unusual for one person in a board game, and if you do this digital, you can play with a good tempo. If it looks like this, there may be many stories, but I decided to bring a story once with no good, and if I took an appointment, I was able to accept it.

-Thank you for many answers. Mr. Ahumada, who can answer this widely, is amazing.

Mr. Ahumada: Thank you. I looked back just before the interview, and it was worth the person who was involved. It wouldn't exceed this number of software in one game console (laughs). I appreciate it very much. I am also grateful to the promotion team for the promotion of such software. And not only development work, but also individuals planning to some extent.

Mr. Yamaha: It was a story of 3DS, but if I entered with the intention of development, I would write a promotional video cone (laughs).

Mr. Ahumada: I ask an external production company for the promotion video itself, but I wrote it myself how to make it. Now our promotion team has grown, so if you make a request, you will be able to do it inside the company. At the time of 3DS, the number of titles was large anyway, so I did not go around without helping the promotion by the development staff. It was hard, but I think there were many things that each staff learned.

Title to buy now

――Byres, are there any titles in the 3DS download game that you don't want to miss now?

Mr. Ahumada: If you choose what you want to play because of this time, it is not a personal preference, it is a title that can only be played with 3DS.

For example, Sabik's rat! ] Is also released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but you can not buy titles that are only sold in 3DS in March, so I would like you to buy such a title and play.

Then, the title is that the Escape Adventure series and our signboard title BLAZE, which were mentioned earlier, are only 3DS, because there is only 3DS. I want fans to buy them without missing. The Kirk series also appears on Okra Millionaire and Kirk Tennis in Nintendo Switch. Subsequent titles are Nintendo Switch, so there are many standard titles, so there are no plans so far, so if you are interested, I would like you to play with 3DS.

-Ark System Works has continued its own challenge with 3DS download titles, but will that challenge continue in the future?

Mr. Ahumada: Of course, we will continue to create original titles! We may have the image of making and selling only fighting games, but we also make a lot of download titles. During this time, Grand diver! ~ Good luck! Tsuruhashi-kun ~ ( 14)] has been released.

※14 A title released on Switch in June 2022. With mining action set in space The attractive characters and the hot theme song by Honor Panama were also hot.

Mr. Ahumada: In addition, the new title has just been completed. We will release a mahjong game with a lot of sexy girls on PS4. You can enjoy a super-fluttering mahjong fighting with special abilities. ( 15).

  • 15 Released on November 24, 2022 Suntan! ! ]. A title that chooses one from six heroines and plays mahjong with unique psychic power. A commemorative special program that collaborated with Mahjong Tuber is also planned.

There are small grains and medium-sized, but there are also Union, and we will make many interesting games regardless of the fighting game, so thank you in the future.

―― I am very happy to be able to participate in such an interview because I have been following the Ark System Works download software since the beginning and played dozens of them. I would like to thank you for just really valuable stories.

Mr. Ahumada: Thanks from here. I am very grateful that there were quite a few times when Ra oil was picked up on the blog and was able to convey the fun of the game. When it comes to the release date of the software, open the blog of Ra oil... (laughs)

Mr. Yamaha: I'm watching!

Mr. Ahumada: What is particularly thankful is that they say good and bad places. It will take up good points, and the bad cousins will say well. I'm really studying a lot.

Mr. Yamaha: I was happy.

Mr. Ahumada: It was good to be able to talk directly today and convey my daily appreciation. That's why you don't have to favor it in the future!

Mr. Yamaha: Thank you for your continued support.

--I'm afraid……! I am looking forward to this new work in the future! Thank you very much!

Some titles introduced in the interview are on sale until November 7 (Monday), so if you are interested, please play: https://www.arcsystemworks.jp/portal/post-23858/?arcv#3ds