Dev Sisters, 3Q operating loss… 'Cookie Run: Kingdom' stabilization impact

Dev Sisters (co-representative Lee Typhoon, Kim Jong-un) announced on the 11th that it recorded sales of w51.6bn, operating loss of 3.8 billion won, and net loss of 3.9 billion won in the third quarter of this year.

YoY operating profit and net profit returned to the deficit compared to the same period last year, and sales fell 23%. Sales decreased 3% Qom, and operating losses and net losses increased by 71% and 70%, respectively.

The company said that 'Cookie Run: Kingdom' was influenced by the trend of stabilizing sales, and operating income was the marketing cost of Cookie Run: Kingdom's Disney collaboration, and increased fixed costs due to new businesses and human resources increased. I explained that it was reflected.

Dev Sisters will focus on developing genres and platforms through new IP games from next year, and will actively secure new growth engines through diversification of the Cookie run intellectual property (IP) business.

First, the core title 'Dead Side Club' will be officially launched in the first quarter of next year as Steam. This is a side-scrolling gun shooting genre. The company has expanded its main contents development, such as the occupation of the team and the Horde mode in the user-oriented environment (EVE).

In addition, the user has added a map craft system that freely constructs the structure, shape, and size of the battlefield. Based on the previous test, the company plans to actively collect domestic and foreign feedback and improve the completion of the dead side club.

The new IP 'Brick City' is also being developed with the goal of launching a mobile version in the first half of next year. Brick City released a play video at the mobile game show 'SWIPE' at the global game media game pot in September.

Cookie Run IP will continue to expand through the real-time battle arena genre 'Cookie Run: Opens Mash'. It is the first to introduce a cookie character that has been active based on 2D in the existing game and attempts to expand the area to the PC and console platform.

On the 2nd, the company opened the Steam page of Cookie Run: Oven Smash to reveal information about content such as various play mode and My Home, which can decorate your own space. As the platform and service strategy are embodied in the future, details will be released sequentially.

Beating/Solving In addition, the 2023 Puzzle Adventure Game Cookie Run: We plan to diversify Cookie Run IP by investing in new projects such as witches and casual cooperative action game project B.