Improvements of Leviathan God of War Ragnarok: Where to find all frozen flames?

Rates flagship since Go 2018, the Leviathan ax is back in God of War Ragnarök. With the excuse of Fimbulwinter, the powerful weapon of the God of war has been reset to level 1 and will need several items to return to the maximum level.

To reach Leviathan level 9 it is necessary to collect the so-called frozen flame item. There are eight in total on the map, five of which are achieved during the main story mode, and three others exploring secondary areas.

In this guide, we show the location of all the frozen flames needed to improve the leviathan ax to the fullest.

Machado Improved Deviate

Each Update of Leviathan will add +15 of strength to it, as well as increasing the base damage. Upgrades also release new scams on the ax skills tree that can be purchased using XP.

A remarkable bonus is the evolution of the ax's appearance. He will seem increasingly robust and golden, just as Runic marks will appear in him when you approach level 9.

The price of ax updates is fixed, you need a single frozen flame each time to use with a blacksmith.

Location of frozen flames


  • Frozen Flame 1/8: Kill the hunter mini-boss during the introductory chapter surviving the Fimbulwinter.


  • Frozen 2/8 Flame: Kill the Alva Mini-Boss in the Temple of Light in Álfheimr during the chapter The Secret of Grow.
  • Frozen Flame 3/8: Free Freya from the curse in Anaheim after defeating Nichols during the chapter The Reception.
  • Frozen 4/8 Flame: Kill the Hel-Traveler, the enemy with a large two-handed sword in Kelham during the chapter Meeting.
  • Frozen Flame 5/8: Kill the igneous appearance during the main chapter The Summoning.

These five frozen flames are not edible, as it is necessary to go through these parts so that Go Ragnarök's story advances. Remembering that dropped and unlocked flames are added to the blacks of the blacksmiths.

Secondary Exploration

  • Frozen 6/8 Flame: In the northwest part of the crater in Anaheim, following the secondary favor by Anaheim!. Defeat the Scarlet Terror Dragon to get a frozen flame.
  • Frozen Flame 7/8: In Berserker's tombstone in southeastern arid lands in Álfheimr. Defeat Slippage, the indolent and two sisters of Ill ska to get another flame.
  • Frozen 8/8 Flame: Just like the blades and the spear, the ax also needs to gather sparks to get a flame. In this case, you will need to close six screws of HEL, opened after Arm is released from Kelham during the History. The good news is that they are all marked with a red symbol on the map, avoiding the work of looking (even two of them are linked to the main plot of the game).

Because they are favors of secondary exploration, these three frozen flames are edible. There is no order necessary to use the flames, any of them can upload any levels.