One -person development mystery, 'Elevenis: Plask' launched

Visual Nobel, a single developer REDRAW, has been officially released.

Elevens: Plank is a game that stands for a mystery romance visual Nobel. It contains.


Elevens: Plank is a prologue work of 'Elevens', which is about to be crowdfunding. The first half of 2019, Part 1, was released for free. Part 1 is still free to play.

Elevens: Flask, which is a prologue work but a single independent game, provides a unique scenario that cannot be seen in the main story. In particular, the newly added part 2 will be a fresh and shocking reversal, just like the previously released part 1.

More details can be found on the Elevens: Plank's Steam Store page and the Elevens' crowdfunding page.


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