The GTA movie might have had Eminem in main role

A proposition decreased by Sam House, co-directing Rock star, through a basic I am not interested. Without more information made on the factors for this rejection, it remains very plausible that the House siblings had actually Already reported at the time that the series did not require this kind of relay to run, preferring to stay the only masters.


Despite the risk represented by an adaptation of Grand Theft Vehicle to the cinema, some studios did not choose in front of the task, and it was even a question of Eminem as a Suffice head.

Currently infused with cinema to its codes, the GTA series takes the form of a kind of ultimate obstacle to adapt on the huge screen as it would already seem to have said whatever and shown in its video game versions. A wall that visibly did not stop this approach according to Kirk Ewing-Ancien Designer at Vi's Interactive, head of State of Emergency situation in specific, on behalf of Rock star -Who expressed at the microphone of a BBC podcast dedicated to GTA.


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