Too much speech in God of War Ragnarok during puzzles? Atreus is giving the nerves of the players

Anyone who is familiar with God of War knows that Atreus can be of great help when the player is lost: he gives tips and clues how to progress if you are locked. Mechanics continues in the sequence, God of War Ragnarök, released a few days ago. The problem is that Rates's son is also giving his opinion without being requested and is giving the nerves of a portion of the players.

Shut up, Atreus!

If Atreus's comments are to help, it seems that many players are annoyed by the incessant dialogue of the teenager more than anything else.

The problem is not so much that he is trying to advise us, but it is above all that he intervenes very often and does not give the player time to explore and think for himself, to the point that the streamer and content creator Alpha cast , in particular, say that Rates's son is doing backseat , a term widely used in the live oadcast community when chat users are trying to teach the streamer how to play or be talking about what to do, for sometimes criticizing the choices.


The Back seating would bother me less if I were locked for a few minutes, but it doesn't even pass 10 seconds and Atreus is already there, Terraced countered, who highlights how fast Atreus gives his opinion. And according to Alpha cast tweet answers, most players agreed and want to slap the all.

There is no option to silence it

Unfortunately, although there is the option of delaying the appearance of clues during the puzzles limited by a timer, There is nothing to silence Atreus , or even make him wait further until he gives directions. And if God of War Ragnarök suffers from this problem, it is absolutely unbearable in other titles that abuse much of this mechanism. Players highlighted games like Plague Tale: Requiem and especially Horizon Forbidden West , who suffer from the same problem.

Developers are expected to take a note of many players' complaints and implement an option to limit this type of behavior by players, NPCs, even options for choosing the level of integrated help with the environment or HUD.