Valorant: Vandal or Phantom? The eternal debate about which is the best weapon in the game

As if the meme between Iron man and Captain America was, there is a certain civil War among the lovers of the Phantom and Vandal within Valorant. These two weapons are the most used in the game, especially in purchase rounds, and although they cost the same, they offer different characteristics.

That is why we collect the advantages of each of the weapons and with which you would be valued once this situation within the shorter Riot Games tactical

situations in which the Phantom is a better weapon than vandal

  • In short distances, the Phantom has a better cadence of bullets than the vandal, and if you take a bullet on the head, you will also end your enemy.
  • You better control the retreat of the bullets, so it is easier to release a burst and do not deviate these.
  • To cross the fumes it is the best weapon in the game. They will not detect where the bullets come from, so you can go through fumes without worrying about knowing your position
  • Special mention to Viper, who in his Multi is essential to play the Phantom if he is going to shoot through his viper well.
  • For new Valorant users it is the best weapon to start, since they do not have so many concepts of the game and will look for a wide cadence and shoot running.

Situations in which vandal is a better weapon than the Phantom

  • In all distances, a bullet is a low, key to generating advantages for your equipment in rounds.
  • In the competitive environment a large majority of players use it in a large percentage

The third reason, and another reason for weight to use vandal, we explain it below, and it has a lot to do with map designs that Riot is doing in recent months and with the change to Split, since there the Phantom dominated its free craving, since there were many bottlenecks in this area.

Valorant is tending to long distances

In the last maps of the game, especially Breeze and Pearl , the game is tending at great distances, so the Phantom is very complicated to be used. This leads to the fact that we also see more Marshall, Guardian and OP and that Chamber is essential in these maps, since with their Force tour and its gun he gains a lot of rank thanks to the peephole it has in both skills.

The When tending at long distances, we already know what it means, if you point to the head with the vandal, you will win virtually any duel, giving you some advantage to you and the rest of the classmates and forcing, to some extent to start To use this artifact of 2,900 credits for the rounds where you can buy to the maximum.

Seeing this article, You will have the decision of decision to keep your weapon or change. Smoker and you want to play aggressive through the fumes, where the Phantom is much better in this regard.