Ash And Liko Have A Connection Theory In Pokémon Anime

Today Pokémon anime fans have had a turn to the heart, and that is due to the official announcement that Ash will cease to be the protagonist of the work to give way to the new generation. And while many are sad with the news, some users have advanced to have theories about an alleged connection between the coach and Like, the new star character. Specifically, it is thought that the new adventurer of what seems to be Pale, is neither more nor less than the daughter of the character originally from the Pal eta and also serene people of the Kilos region. Thus being the fruit of your love interest. The proof that fans put on the table are those of the girl and the steed ash cap logo.

I see you, Pokémon.


Having a protagonist named Riga too, which bears the name of VA of Ash (Riga Mutsuhito), is also a tribute worthy of an iconic voice for generations.

Thanks for everything, Ash and Pikachu.

It has been established that the new generation will take place a few years after Ash's victory in the Corona Championship, and will put two new characters on a trip next to the three initials of Scarlet and Violet. However, this will be until April next year, since a series of episodes will first be launched to fire the legendary coach. Remember that many of the current chapters are not yet bent to Latin Spanish. So see the end of Ash, at least in our region, will take its due time. Via: Comic book Editor's note: I believe that these characters will not have any connection, maybe only the logo will be preserved as a reference, but nothing more. This has also happened with Digimon and its typical protagonist who carries Goggles in the head.