Assassins Creed Odyssey - All 75 Ostrakon. Hidden panels are hidden in all of Greece and even in Hades. We

Have you ever wanted to explore the world of Ancient Greece without having to leave the comfort of your home? Then the latest installment in Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed franchise, Odyssey, is the perfect game for you! In this article, we'll take a look at all 75 Strain hidden panels that are scattered throughout the game. From reaches the roofing system of a deserted farmhouse in Arcadia to hidden panels in Hades, we've found them all and have everything you need to know right here. Let's take a journey through Ancient Greece and uncover these hidden treasures!

  • Place of the structure: reaches the roofing system of the deserted farmhouse, which remains in the golden fields in Arcadia.
  • Option of the riddle: In the very same area you have to go to the roofing of the sunken ruin east of Stymphalian.

an agreement for liberty.

  • Plato discovered: journeys to the island of Europa, to the quarry of Oreos on the northwestern coast of the Cape Artemision.
  • Service of the riddle: There is a bull statue in the north of the island. Examines the altar in front of it.

A club seldom comes alone.

  • Place area: journeys in Argos in Hera's gets up to the bronze club of the peripheries.
  • Option of the puzzle: Then go to the valley of dreams and climb to the top of the leg throughout the leg of the Heracles.

+10/ 20/30/50% Important damage to complete health.

endless lake.

  • Location of the location: dive into the Melissa cavern on Befallen.
  • Solution of the puzzle: Looking for the statue underwater in the Psychosis.


  • Location of the foundation: searches the quarry in the marble town in NixOS.
  • Option of the riddle: In the northwest of Ariadne's fate you will find the inscribing on a stone arch.

prophetic avoidance.

  • Place of the structure: In Ellis you have to go to Pair's source in the forgotten swamps.
  • Solution of the riddle: reach the statue of the crown up in the valley of Olympia. The inscription lies on the extreme right.

love under a bad star.

  • Place location: robbed the alias fortress at Lesbos in the Stanines valley location.
  • Option of the riddle: trying to find a damaged vase under the bridge that links the areas of Steinerne's valley with the ancient pearl.

cold like stone.

  • Location of the structure: in the Holy Cave directly under Corinth.
  • Solution of the riddle: You will find it in the valley of the judge, directly on the tongue of the Medusa statue.

+10/ 20/30/50% Vital Damage in the occasion of low health.

one arm and one leg.

  • Place of the structure: in your home of the city of Argos in Argos.
  • Service of the puzzle: in the sanctuary of the Aleppo in the valley of dreams.


  • Place of the foundation: in the leader's home on the Mykonos.
  • Solution of the puzzle: table in the little pool with rose petals in the southwest of the island.

heart and sole.

  • Plato discovered: in Phyllis's house in the Bay of the Pandora in Mali's.
  • Service of the puzzle: Try to find a fish spear on the bay.

Made in Abysses.

  • Place of the structure: on the island of Kyocera, watches in Aphrodite in the Temple of Aphrodite.
  • Option of the riddle: Immerse yourself at the end of the Gyros cave on the Contra Atoll in the south.


  • Place area: Searches at the altar in the ruins of Helike on the coast of Poseidon's anger in Achier.
  • Service of the riddle: goes to the theater in the north of the Panchito Mountains. The inscription is on the ship.

+2/ 4/6/8/ 10% toxin and fire resistance.

Helios Greetings.

  • Location of the foundation: In the Home of the leader in the location of an empire in Macedonia.
  • Option of the riddle: On the southern bank of the lake in the uncharted Ganglion Mountains.

Under time pressure.

  • Location of the place: travels to Phones. Then look around in the mess-up Prometheus and the creation of the individuals, which you will discover in the location The Holy Land of Apollo.
  • Option of the riddle: At the pilgrim, the leader's home goes south. Searched the Botch loaded with olives there.

Smoke sign.

  • Place location: directly in the House of the leader on Keys in the Löwenhügel location.
  • Service of the riddle: Then go to the city in the north and search for a few palm leaves south of the smithy.

soldier to shoulder.

  • Plato discount: straight in the Home of Sparta in Lakota.
  • Option of the riddle: on the altar in Generation on the Helps hill.

Tide change.

  • Location of the place: at the seafarer dock in the Kansan level in Corinth.
  • Option of the riddle: At the top of the Poseidon statue in the port of Corinth.

+2/ 4/6/8/ 10% damage with heavy weapons.

a finger.

  • Place of the structure: robbery the Despite fortress in the hills of the Holy War in Phones.
  • Option of the puzzle: on the top of the Harness mountain.

rugged goats.

  • Place of the foundation: Browse for the Dementia camp in the deserted arable land of Attica.
  • Service of the riddle: You have to go to a goat statue. This stands in front of the Pan's cavern near the beach of Marathon.


  • Place of places: In Boeotia, in the Helicon Mountains, you have to search a tent in the Reuses military storage facility.
  • Solution of the riddle: In the east of the very same area, the engraving hides on an altar with a dead pig.

The floor includes lava.

  • Place of the foundation: In the acropolis of Epidural in the kingdom of hope in Argos.
  • Option of the riddle: takes a look at the statue in the lava in the depths of the smithy of the Mephisto.

on typhoons crown.

  • Place: in the House of the leader in the Schwarz Michel location on Melts.
  • Service of the puzzle: You are searching for a helmet beside the databases when vengeance of the typhoon.

+1/ 2/3/4/ 5 seconds poisoning period.

A particular basic.

  • Location of the structure: Go to the sanctuary of the Athena Proxies at the mountain Harness in Phones.
  • Solution of the puzzle: You can find the inscription in Delphi at a statue with a spear and sword in your hands.


  • Location of the foundation: in the Tacos of Heraklion in the Erymanthos Mountains in Achier.
  • Service of the riddle: at a loss color pool in the town of Burn.

inner fire.

  • Place of the foundation: rises to the tower of Askre on the hill of rebirth in Boeotia.
  • Service of the riddle: analyzes the fire bowl in the temple of Athena Tonia north of the Helicon Mountains.

marble morality.

  • Place of the foundation: on the island of Mykonos in the Porphyrin Cave.
  • Solution of the riddle: in the servant pit of the Sunnites quarry.

happy with the location.

  • Location of places: dives in the plain cavity east of the island of Serifs and south of Keys.


  • Service of the riddle: The lion statue on the southeastern beach of Keys.

+4/ 8/12/16/ 20% high-performance capability damage.

dream under these.

  • Location of the foundation: In the pirate hiding put on the level of Achilles on the island of Skirts.
  • Option of the riddle: delve into the water from the southern perspective and searches the shipwreck.


  • Location of the foundation: travels to Eli's to the Kingdom of the Plop. Browse there on the upper flooring of the Temple of the Had.
  • Service of the riddle: In the eastern flax levels you will find a cave with a Centaur statue. Searches the fruit basket.

greed after achieving.

  • Place location: in the ancient fortress north of the Wolkenbruchseen on Lemons.
  • Solution of the riddle: Browse for the fallen statue in the Policing ruins in the south of the same location.

Red Note.

  • Plato Structure: Search on the jetty from the house of the leader in the Bay of the Red Lake in Loris.
  • Service of the riddle: Take an appearance straight in the lake for a bull statue. It is underwater in a cavern.

Until death do us part.

  • Plato found: journeys to the Poseidon temple in the octopus bay in Message. Browse the water basin there.
  • Option of the riddle: The engraving is under a tree south of Minos tradition.

+2/ 4/6/8/ 10% damage with lock and rods.

stomach chatter.

  • Place of the structure: Take a more detailed look at the sanctuary of Poseidon, east of the romantics top in Achier.
  • Solution of the riddle: searching for a hole in the floor in the northwest of the looted coast. Jumps in and examines the body.

pastime breeder.

  • Place of the structure: Searches in Arcadia in the southeast of the Lykosoura Highlands lost for the house of the Odysseus.
  • Option of the puzzle: In the Arrhichion camp in the Soon forest you will find a toy horse on a table.

homicidal view.

  • Place location: travels to Attica and take a closer look at the marble stream at the scarred mountain of Pentelikon.
  • Solution of the puzzle: South of the prison in Athens you can discover an altar with offerings. The inscription is also there.

Book recordings.

  • Plato discovered: in your home of the leader in the valley of King Telex in Regards.
  • Service of the riddle: dives in the bay in the west of the Germania Mountains.

surer donkey.

  • Plato found: looking for the cavern on the mountain Was in the Zeus Bay on NixOS.
  • Service of the puzzle: On the western of the 2 small islands south of NixOS. In a haystack with a donkey.

+2/ 4/6/8/ 10% damage with daggers and swords.

deadly attraction.

  • Location of the structure: in Odysseus Palace on Ithaca near Befallen.
  • Solution of the riddle: takes a look at the dead goat on Malathion Zamenhof in the north of Dhaka.

blurred memory.

  • Place of locations: climbs up onto the roofing of the palace of the phallus in the exhausted hills in fairs.
  • Service of the riddle: searches the box under a tree at the lake of the area mines of the large trench.

Needle in a haystack.

  • Place of the foundation: Southwest is a small island in front of Demos. There you need to dive after the sunken wreck from Dates.
  • Solution of the puzzle: In the southeast of Demos you will find a haystack on the ELLIS lawn with the engraving.

Rolling Stones.

  • Location of the structure: Have a look at the western ramp of the dipole, near the coast of the Poseidon isthmus in Corinth.
  • Service of the riddle: Searches the table with human sacrifice at the grave of the Sisyphus.

weird illness.

  • Place of areas: In Arcadia you set out into the Soon forest. The hint is in the Temple of Apollo in the north.
  • Service of the puzzle: In the cave of the Ionics you will find the inscription. In the very southeast of the Profit Mountains.

With inscribing you can enhance all your armor and weapons in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. You can get this over the Strain puzzles that you can discover everywhere in the video game world. If you can figure out the small texts, then reveal you the location of a new engraving or enhance your already discovered. Incidentally, the site is often in the exact same or straight in the location. So no factor to travel through all of Greece if you get a mystery.

all 60 engravings in Greece

On the mainland and the various islands of the Aegean you can find 60 engravings. Rather of places, we sorted them to engravings. You can discover them here in the summary if you do not have one or two points with a certain inscription.

+3/ 6/9/12/ 15% adrenaline per hit

Ashes to Ashes

  • Plato found: on the island of Catalonia on Marks winery, south of the mountain Enos.
  • Service of the riddle: goes to the village of Causes in the west of the island. Searches the smoking rubble in the burned-down temple.


  • Place of the foundation: in the webspace east of the leader in Athens (Attica).
  • Option of the riddle: Go to the Theater Athens southeast of the viewpoint and examine the mask behind the stage.

A map

  • Location of the structure: The table remains in Laconic, more precisely at the altar of the discussions in the forest of Rotas.
  • Option of the riddle: In the southern part of Lakota in the pond of the Trainers

Moving the bones

  • Location of the foundation: journeys to trade fairs. There is the Temple of Apollo in the Aristotelian valley.
  • Service of the riddle: You can find the engraving in a body in the Kansas cavern in the exact same location.


  • Location of the foundation: goes to Arcadian, the cradle of the Pan. In Ago's center in the northwest you will discover it.
  • Option of the riddle: In the center of the location you will find some beehives. There is the engraving.

+1/ 2/3/4/ 5 seconds burning time


  • Place of the structure: In Boeotia, in the cursed nation of the Oedipus, you have to north. The table remains in the Bandit attack military camp.
  • Option of the puzzle: At the end of the unfinished bridge to Europa in the northwest.

war eagle

  • Place of the foundation: in the quarry on the island of Salamis in Attica.
  • Service of the riddle: In the south of the exact same island you will find an eagle statue with the engraving.

a crucial discovery

  • Place of the structure: island of Demos, in the Synths ruins in the Holy Land of Artemis.
  • Solution of the riddle: South of the Temple of Apollo you will find a secret course. Follow him and leap into the hole with the snakes. There is also the inscription.

Closing hour

  • Place of the structure: In Regards you have to browse the battlefield cavity in the occupied forest of Tripoli.
  • Service of the riddle: You will find it in the Thereon woman, with the pillar of the Dionysus.

the entire Greek world

  • Place of the foundation: searches at the altar of love, on the besieged level of Attica.
  • Option of the puzzle: Boeotia climbs up to the summit of the Troops heights.

+2/ 4/6/8/ 10% possibility of crucial hits at full health

dog financiers

  • Place area: on the courtyard of Tripodiskos in the occupied forest of Tripodiskos. You can find this in Regards.
  • Service of the puzzle: Searching for the bone-X on one of the galleys in the exact same area.

smell in the court

  • Location of the foundation: Search the shipwreck underwater in the shipwreck of the Arraigned on the northeastern coast of Salamis (Attica).
  • Solution of the puzzle: Sets through the port of Parties and searches for a bowl with fish in the Seegrichtshof.

lawful king.

  • Place of the structure: in the Paidiskoi camp, in the columns of Targets in Laconic.
  • Option of the puzzle: Go to the Targets Mountains and search for a sword in the stone on the southernmost snow-capped top.

arena love.

  • Place: on the roof of the leader in the cursed nation of Oedipus in Boeotia.
  • Service of the riddle: Look for a few flowers in the very same area on a bridge on the heart-shaped lake.

To the end of the world.

  • Plato discovered: On the island of Chaos you need to search the Navajos ruins, in the Hunting Forest of Artemis.
  • Solution of the puzzle: Then go to the East Coast and take a close look at the bottom of the Angelo's cave.

+2/ 4/8/10 Possibility of crucial hits in low health.

tastes like chicken.

  • Place of the structure: Searches the Terrenschlucht cavern within the area of mines of the large trench in Messier.
  • Service of the riddle: Go to a little shed at the Temple of the Zeus and checks the feed bag.

blue-eyed beauty.

  • Place of the foundation: searches Actions Has on the island of Serifs.
  • Service of the riddle: In the bay in the northeast of the island you will find the inscription in a container underwater.

farm money.

engravers in the Fate of Atlantis LCS.

The three locations Elysium, underworld and Atlantis are very workable. For that reason, you will typically find the boards during the primary story. For this factor, we just give you the places for the last 15 engravings. They are not especially powerful and also only assist you within the DLC.

all engravers in Elysium.

+4/ 8/12/16/ 20% damage versus ISU.

sleeping giant.

Go to the north from the ASPHODELIENBUNG to the border of Pharaoh's refuge and search for a cavern. There is the inscription.

dear Demeter.

The engraving is in the heart of Elysium. Searches the flower baskets near Persephone's statue.


Travels to the Stoma summit viewpoint in the southwest of Persia and dives south of it. Searches the guy's statue beside the home ruins.

high on the dry.

The inscription lies in the sewage system under the village of remarkable deaths in Deucalion tradition. You can discover the entrance in the western rock wall. Reach the source of the lower waterfall and take a look around in the flat water.

Watch me with my eyes, little one.

You are trying to find a marble jungle in the east of Ariadne fields. This is not taped on the map. It is on the western bank of the river in Minos.

all engravings in the underworld.

+2/ 4/6/8/ 10% resistance to adrenaline withdrawal.

always in a circle.

Search in the burned lands for the large building behind the Hades palace and analyze the chains in front of the bike.

bad replica.

Journeys to Almoners hybris in the burned lands. The engraving is on the edge of a little lake in the east.

Case of the Titans.

Here you have to go to the space of the misery. More specifically west of the Echo DES Styx. Take a more detailed take a look at the chain here too.


In the complainants. Looking for an altar near the perspective Than pits.

A falling rock.

In the south of the plaintiff, you can see a striking round stone when you take a look at the southwest from Agrees Nest from the Agrees Nest viewpoint. Under this there is a skeleton with the inscription.

all engravings in Atlantis.

+2/ 4/6/8/ 10% damage through improved skills.

the kid who takes a look at the sun.

The engraving pushes a pillar with 4 golden dolphin statues. You will find them in Poseidon's Main in the Royal Mountain area of Poseidon.

beyond all borders.

In Primes Ring you need to go to the tower of the judge. Under him is the inscribing west of the haystack.


In Primes Ring you likewise need to search this time south of the strengthened dome of the mentor. The inscription is situated in the water fountain with the dolphins.

and my pointed hoe.

A 3rd inscription conceals in Primes Ring. Go to the island with the Dome DES Diaries, preferably from the Term viewpoint of logic, and take a better look at the puddle at the end of the rope slide.

a home from a various cycle.

In the Oiks of Atlantis you need to go to the garden of the Kymopoleia, where the engraving is awaiting you.


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