Cities: Skylines: New Financial Districts Expands Your Building Possibilities

Cities: Skylines is one of the most popular simulation city building games on the market, challenging players to balance various responsibilities and manage an ever-growing population. With over half a million copies sold and acclaimed by critics, Cities: Skylines has blossomed into a modern classic with a deserved reputation for excellence.

Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order today release Cities: Skylines Financial Districts, a brand-new expansion that focuses on investments. Financial Districts are now readily available on Steam, Epic, Microsoft Shop, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at the recommended sales rate of 7.99 euros. At the exact same time at Financial Districts, the Material Creator Pack Map Pack 2, which ensures more biome, and the radio station African Vibes, which expands the music library of the video game. Cities: Skylines Financial Districts introduces investments along with more than 100 properties that make it possible for gamers to improve the economy of their cities with brand-new structures, expertises and services. Gamers can buy markets such as mining, agriculture and health care to satisfy the needs of their residents. Investments Players invest their money wisely and hence improve the lifestyle of their locals.


Numerous sectors such as funeral, healthcare, oil, ore, agriculture, generic market and logistics need support. With the new stock trading tab, players watch on their investments. Stock market Mutual fund can be given a higher level using a stock market. This new building likewise opens the tax income bonus offer for workplace zone structures in its location.

  • Banks Cash makes the world go round! Banks include another service to the cities and improve security thanks to their money transporters. The elimination of cash from the structures of the commercial zone lowers the crime rate of the area.
  • Financial District Specialization When gamers reach the milestone Big Klansman, they unlock a brand-new district as a workplace zone. Financial Districts has a new visual design and produces higher taxes than easy workplace zones, but at the very same time decreases the satisfaction of the citizens. When a stock exchange is close by, the bonus offer through tax earnings increases. Together with Financial Districts, the Material Developer Pack Map Load 2 is released, which provides 10 new cards to present numerous biomes, such as moderate environment, tropics, desert and others. In addition, players can purchase the African Vibes Radio Station, which contains 16 titles that will influence our neighborhood of metropolitan coordinators. Gamers need to currently anticipate the Material Developer Pack Africa in Miniature, which will match Cities: Horizons next year as part of the Cities: Skylines World Trip.


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