Cooles God of War Ragnarök

When Rates together with the Nordic gods together, then the scraps fly... or other. Practically at the beginning of God of War Ragnarök we experience a hand-resistant argument between our camp-tried Greeks and Thor and after that we can discover a cool little detail that we do not desire to withhold from you. Spoiler only at the beginning of the game: In this post we report events about the Thor manager fight at the beginning of the video game. You will not be ruined for later strategy.

after the fight there is small information to find

After a brief time in the father, son and game experience a nasty surprise: in their house you get a go to from rather powerful contemporaries who are not to be trifled with, namely Thor and Odin.


This is what it hardly does any other than expected-boss fight with the storm god. With his opponent, Rates can land some sensitive hits that cost the god a minimum of one tooth.

We can actually find this on the flooring after the fight-a morbides, however likewise quite cool detail. At first glance, the roots look as if they could require dental treatment. But it might likewise be that the blood only looks a little dark here. This was seen by a fan on Reddit, however given that the tooth is very difficult to see in his video, we looked at it ourselves: Typical view bigger view Of course, this is not an incredible secret, but the little battling and battling reveals when again how comprehensive the new God of War is in love. There is a lot to discover in the game world beside the primary story. Would you like to know how Ragnarök cut off with us? Then take a look at our test video: What else there is to discover: Much of the characters have dialog lines that comment on our actions in the game and are only triggered if we act appropriately. In addition, referrals to other Sony Exclusives are concealed in the poems we can find. How do you like this discovery, or: Are such details essential to you?


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