How to defeat Berserker in Vanaheim?

Oakland, the bearded, is one of the last Berserkers in God of War Ragnarök. This enemy is located in the crater area in Anaheim. Accessible place only after half of the game's story. Being found so late, Oakland is a powerful enemy and will require Rates to be well-equipped. At least this battle is against just a Berserker, instead of a pair or even a trio. The purpose of this guide, as well as all dedicated to the bosses, is to help you overcome them in the maximum difficulty, I want God of War so that they are relevant to all other levels.


To kill the 12 Berserkers you need to get the favor worthy of a king. Don't worry because the game's main story itself will make you get the necessary item to start this secondary mission.


You will take the item from the chapter The Word of Destiny in Midgard. More information is in the Friend guide, below.

What equipment to use against Oakland?

  • The boss's elementary protection shields encourage you to use the Leviathan ax and the Draper Spear to ing them down faster. However, we advise you to make good use of all your weapons, you will have to use runic attacks to eak one of Oakland's skills more effectively.
  • The fearless shield is a good option to trim blows, as bearded has almost no normal attacks to block, everything is red or yellow. The shield loop, which extends the deviation window, is very interesting here.
  • This boss is very high level, use level 7 to 8+ equipment to face it. If the life bar is red, you have no chance of winning. Go back later after updating your equipment.

Strategy against Oakland, the bearded

The huge amount of life, reinforced by elemental shields, makes Oakland a complicated boss. The fight is quite long, which gives you more chances to make silly mistakes. Therefore, we recommend that you play conservatively and adopt reliable answers to bearded attacks, such as dodging, instead of risky defenses. Oakland uses and abuses three common skills to many Berserkers, that is, jumping back to avoid a blow, followed by one of these two attacks: Air diving (yellow attack), very easy to trim with a little training, which opens A counterattack window, and the combat jump (red attack) forward, from which you should quickly dodge the sides before counterattacking. He amends them very quickly, so wait for this combination loop in the face.

Oakland: List of attacks and how to combat them

In addition to the attacks listed above, the repertoire of this boss is really limited, which makes it quite predictable.

Everything, therefore, depends on a clean and reliable answer to these attacks. Small (yellow attack): Oakland's favorite melee attack, the bearded. He will use the hammer like a spear. You can have fun trimming, but there will be no big fruits for it, and it will be dangerous, because it usually chains this attack twice in a row. It is better to dodge if you are not confident in your time, as a red attack comes soon after. Violent hammer blow (red attack): After one or two stall blows, the boss deflects a large vertical blow that produces a small explosion. It is easy to deflect laterally, but not if the previous attack oke your guard. So the ideal is not to trim the pasha, just divert. Mega Green Explosion (Red Attack): Oakland will periodically generate a large green area while preparing to overthrow the hammer. He is intimidating, but it is actually an opportunity to attack him. A powerful attack, or rather a runic attack, will interrupt the animation very slow. If you are too far away or the role attack has a slow animation, it is better to retreat to leave the area. However, it is dangerous, because if you poorly manage your position, you will be trapped in a wall. Another valid technique is to use the Spartan fury on time. Elemental Armor: Boss will regularly use the buff that will cover the life bar. You have to use the right weapon, otherwise you will waste a lot of time. In addition, the stunning meter does not fill while the armor is active. The principle must be familiar to you, use the weapon whose element is opposite to color: red> ax; Silver> Spear; Blue> Chaos blades. Swirl hammer (yellow/normal/red attack): Once a certain life limit, Oakland will begin to use this fearsome attack. It starts with a yellow attack, then follows several normal attacks, before ending with a red attack. After trying, it is impossible to stop this sequence with defenses, whether in the yellow or normal attack. It is probably better to dodge the first to maintain a distance. It is advisable to leave Oakland the bearded to be one of the last Berserkers.


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