One Piece Odyssey is the Perfect JRPG For One-Piece Fans

One Piece has been an anime series which has taken the world by storm. With a new game coming out in just a few days, there will be something for everyone to enjoy!

For one-piece fans, the coming year will start with a real bang! On January 13, 2023, One Piece Odyssey is released. We have had the ability to play the pirate experience for a couple of hours and that is our preview.

2023 starts with a JRPG bang

In the area of anime there is no other way past One Piece. The series of over 1,000 episodes has actually been thrilled by their fans around the globe for over twenty years. And an end to the journey is not yet in sight. Naturally, this enormous success also produced various computer game offshoots-from the timeless 2D-beat 'em as much as the Dynasty Warriors clone. A real high-flyer like the Ultimate Ninja Storm series by Naruto or Dragon Ball Z: Apart was not yet there. That might change now, because at the beginning of 2023 the brand's first tangible role-playing video game of the brand is launched with One Fuel Odyssey. We have actually already had the ability to invest a couple of hours with the JRPG and can tell you so much: If you like classic role-playing games, you ought to like this experience!

One Piece meets Dragon Quest

However from the front: The game begins with Ruffy and his crew (again) strand on a new island. Because there is no trace of Name after the unsuspected arrival, the first job is likewise clear. At this moment we conserve ourselves big explanations about the background and the figures.


Due to the fact that of course Odyssey is mostly focused on die-hard one-piece fans. So if you do not understand who are Luffy and Name, you probably do not belong to the target group. This is also clear to the game itself, which does without all the context and tosses you directly into the action. You explore the unidentified island a couple of minutes after the brief introduction series, collects Battles and items numerous groups of challengers.

This is followed by the most significant development for One-Piece fans. Due to the fact that while the previous video games have set an action-packed real-time battling system almost without exception, Odyssey is playing like a standard, round-based role-playing game from Dragon Mission. Including level system, side quests and random battles. In these you can then choose from basic attacks, auxiliary items and unique attacks, while you put your many opponents on the grain for round. The system is classic and who has actually ever played a JRPG will instantly feel at home. What is brand-new, nevertheless, is that there are also circumstances in which fighting on different fronts. So it can happen that, for example, Sysop has to tape-record it with 3 opponents, while Luffy and Co. try to penetrate him in time. These dramatic occasions are a welcome change and wonderfully match the conventional battle system.

There was no one-piece video game so quite

There was also a lot of effort into the animations of the unique attacks. From the famous Gum-Gum-Gatling to Santos Were Viable Jamie is basically everything that makes the hearts of the one-piece fans beat faster. They will definitely not have an issue with the fact that the animations will be quite long and that it may be a bit exhausting after the 100th time. In general, however, the presentation is extremely effective. The initial Japanese speakers are on board and, above all, Odyssey is the most gorgeous one-piece game ever. So if you like timeless role-playing games and have a soft spot for the anime or manga, you can eagerly anticipate January 13, 2023. Because up until now whatever looks as if One Fuel Odyssey is being completely combined with each other. You can expect the finest one-piece game here? The opportunities are good!


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