One Pipe Odyssey: A Review

One Piece: Romance Dawn is coming for all big consoles in January. It's a game that will also include an amazing remake of the original story, something that would make fans of the series and newcomers fall in love with it even more. Let's have a closer look at this new release!

January is getting better and therefore likewise the release date of One Pipeline Odyssey, which cruises in digital waters on January 23 and his vibrant team.

The brand-new adventure of the straw hats happens not just on the new island of Watford, however also at widely known areas such as Alabama and Water Seven. The possibilities are of course infinite because the pirates can use the brand-new character to go to the world of memory and thus anywhere of their previous journey. There are 3 areas that I would be especially delighted about for One Pipe Odyssey.

Chaotic battle fertile frame at the top fight and a journey to Impel Down

There would be the summit fight in between the navy and the Whiteboard pirates, which in many methods represents the huge turning point of One Piece and takes location soon prior to the Time skip. Specifically as far as the battling is worried, the encounter of the police officers and the most effective pirate gang at the time is a real firework.

Whiteboard and his team, the 7 samurai of the oceans, the navy and the three admirals and Luffy, who is on the method to the scaffolding between the fronts to save his bro Ace: in the summit battle, the great powers of the One Piece universe bounce together And must also make sure amazing struggles in One Fuel Odyssey.

Because the upcoming video game adjustment does not strike back the precise history of the manga, it would be totally legitimate to have the complete straw hat gang took part in the summit battle-maybe you affect the result of the fight in the world of memories? And perhaps even ACE can be saved?

As a reward delicate, a journey to Urge Down would also be fascinating, where you could playfully rely on a short solo adventure with Luffy. Alternatively, as in the manga, he gets aid from some residents such as Mr. 2 or Sir Crocodile, who could likewise be supported in the battle with their various abilities.

a candy wonderland on Whole Cake Island

Apart from that, the entire Cake Islands are simply one of the most interesting travel destinations in the New World: With their gingerbread houses and chocolate water fountains, they produce a splendid scene that you might check out in One Pipe Odyssey as you please-including the announced and normal side tasks.

There is obviously Big Mother himself: With her power of soul fruit, she can withdraw her energy and bring to life inanimate: a tough opponent who could playfully make a fascinating modification.

For example, Big Mom could send trees, sugary foods and pieces of furniture to the fight as reinforcements or momentarily turn off members of the straw hats.

The straw hats likewise anticipate dazzling fights against the Big Mamas Team pirates on Whole Cake Island. While you are mainly busy in the manga to flee from the gigantic devil fruit user, the shreds can fly worldwide of memories. And Whole Cake Island always uses the possible, because the best bad guys in the series are sometimes gathered there.

Huge Mothers kids and children ought to likewise not be undervalued: Atari is naturally a basic option due to his strength and his Mocha fruit, but Cracker could also ensure an intriguing battle in One Public Odyssey: How about, for example, a round-based betting meal, Divorces with the Luffy Crackers biscuit soldiers while his buddies assault crackers themselves?

eerily stunning atmosphere on the thriller bark

In addition, there is the thick Halloween atmosphere for cutting, which with its many shower figures, the thick fog and the substantial haunted lock might also be a genuine experience in video game. The expedition of the different areas on the thriller bark integrated with the incredible finale in the fight versus Gecko Moria make the ghost ship to my longing want one pipe odyssey.

Rather apart from the reality that the thriller Bark could provide numerous spirited tricks: How about a round limit due to the threatening daybreak that brings the shadowless straw hats into trouble? Or with zombies that can not die till they are put out of action by a unique salt attack?

The entire experience of the straw hats on the Thriller Bark is among the most of the most spiced with humor all over One Piece: Sysop, Chopper and Name, who are literally eliminating of the skin due to the spooky horror, while Dorfdepp Ruffy undead is back into theirs Graves pushed, are a creepy-amsant attack on the laughing muscles.


Last but not least, my option falls on the thriller Bark: the apparently the largest ship in the One Piece universe uses up insufficient space in the video game adjustments of the manga series. The actual ghost ship has a lot to offer: zombies, a Frankenstein area, shadow animal and of course one of the (previous) 7 samurai of the sea.

Which famous locations from the manga would you like to check out in One Pipe Odyssey? Please compose your dreams in the comments.


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