One Pipe Odyssey: Trailer visits more places, Xbox. Visit other places from One Publi Odyssey in the new trailer and play

One Public Odyssey is a story-driven game about an ordinary man who must do something extraordinary to save his city and his family.


Banzai NAMC Europe is releasing a new trailer for One Public Odyssey today, which shows two other places that go to the straw hat gang in their memories: Marine Ford and Gown Rosa. In One Pablo Odyssey, the gamers check out Memorial, a world that consists of the memories of the straw hat gang to regain their lost forces. In addition to the already revealed places Alabama and Water 7, Marine Ford and Gown Rosa are now likewise unveiled. In the initial Marine Ford Arc, Ruffy battled alongside many other pirates to release his brother, Port gas D. Ace. In One Place Odyssey, this time the straw hat gang supports him in this fateful battle that Luffy had actually objected to two years earlier. The Gown Rosa Arc leads the players into the island kingdom under the guideline of De Flamingo, which avoids individuals from leaving the island with his bird cage.

The straw hat gang, exposed to them with a bounty and accompanied by the visitor characters Sago and Trafalgar Law, must beat their once effective enemy de Flamingo. The occasions in Marine Ford and Gown Rosa will come differently in Memorial than in the past and a brand-new end. On January 13, 2023, One Public Odyssey will be launched for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | s and PC. 3 days earlier, on January 10th, a demonstration for One Piece Odyssey will be launched on Xbox and PlayStation. The development made in the demonstration is transferred to the full variation. The demo has a size of 8.37 GB on Xbox.


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