Umumus Me Service 6 months, large content updates are coming.. Kakao Games' mobile game 'Umamus Me Pretty


Aka Games' mobile game 'Uranus Me Pretty Derby' (hereinafter referred to as' Uranus Me ') hit' Half Anniversary 'after its launch on June 20.

'Half Anniversary' is a campaign where large-scale updates and events are held to commemorate the six-month service. In Korea, after the 'Half Anniversary' event began on the 5th, it responded in the market rankings, and the Apple App Store sales were ranked first (as of December 10) and 11th in Google Play (as of December 13).


Aka Games has received a stable service with Uranus Me's continuous content update, while also offering offline events to strengthen users' communication. It is strengthening its strategy.

■ Heart in the large campaign... 'Half Anniversary' Opening

In particular, it is attracting attention as it celebrates the 'Half Anniversary' event to commemorate the six-month service. Aka Games presented various contents such as login bonus campaigns, special stories and home screens, which offer abundant rewards for the 'Half Anniversary' event.

Among them, the newly released Korean service 'Parka Tube' video was well received. In this video, the character 'Gold ship' (Grouse) 'appears to convey a special celebration message for Korean users. At the end of the video, he was praised by users by finishing with Korean greetings called 'Hello'.

In addition, the update, which was held on the 9th, improved various functions such as 'Increasing Cultivation Compensation', 'Evaluating the Status During Status', and 'Add Skip Functional Team Stadium' to strengthen user convenience. This is a response from users by introducing various convenience updates after the launch in Japan.

■ In the future, large-scale updates continue to appear in major contents

Aka Games is raising the expectation of users as it is ahead of the update of 'Amaru BAE', a new development scenario that will be released on the 19th. 'Coheir BAE' shows a different story than the existing URA Finals. We can experience a new scenario that will be developed by the resurrection of the new character Hashimoto Rico, and the resurrection of the team race 'Coheir', which has disappeared.

In addition, the company's update with excellent performance is announced one after another. First, on the 9th, we updated the 'SSR', an excellent 'intelligence' card. 'Nice Nature' support card is called 'Intelligence' core cards along with 'Fine Motion'. On the 19th, 'SSR Rice Shower' and 'SSR Hashimoto Rico', which are considered essential cards in the new scenario, will appear.

An official from Aka Games said, Thank you very much for the six months of saving us for 'Amuse', and we will continue to communicate with users on the way offline and offline.


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