What are the treasures of Dragon Quest? Gameplay, plot and multiplayer, explanation

If you liked Dragon Quest XI and the previous parts of the franchise, it is impossible not to hear at least about Dragon Quest Treasures. That's all you need to know about this additional product released exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

What are the treasures of Dragon Quest?

Dragon Quest Treasures is a Dragon Quest spin-off with a pseudo-open world in which you explore the fantasy world of the Dragon in search of treasures.


It tells the story of a couple of twins named Eric and Mia, who dreamed of becoming treasure hunters, and later turned out to be drawn to Dragon to fulfill this desire. The story is not so deep, since the game is more focused on the gameplay, that is, on the search for treasures. But in order for Eric and Mia to fulfill their dream, they will need help. Thus, the Dragon Quest Treasures returns one of the most poorly evident mechanic in the franchise: taming monsters!

Is Dragon Quest Treasure a wrecking to the Dragon Quest XI?

In addition to the existence of Eric and Mia, Dragon Quest Treasures has little to connect with the Dragon Quest XI. Of course, you can consider this as a prequel (and their background of the Vikings is confirmed), but this is rather an independent story than anything. If you enter the Dragon Quest Treasures, waiting for the knowledge of Dragon Quest XI, you will be very disappointed.

How the combat system works in Dragon Quest Treasures

In order for Eric and Mia to survive their exploits, they travel around the dragon in search of not only treasures, but also friends who will help them in battle. The tamed Eric or Mia and the three other friendly monsters can unite in the group and join the battle together. However, unlike the main Dragon Quest games, the Dragon Quest Treasures combat system is not step-by-step. Instead, each member of the group, except Eric and Mia, is controlled by AI and defeats monsters approaching you.

Then you can help them in battle or continue research while they protect you. You can give orders to help during the battle. In addition to the battles, the monster you are collecting can also be used for many useful things, such as flying, digging and catapulting you to the other side of the gorge. You can also return them to your base and grow!

Is there a multiplayer in Dragon Quest Treasures?

Since the game is based on treasures hunting, the existence of other treasures is quite natural. There is no multiplayer, but you can interact with other treasures on the Internet in various ways, for example: In search of hidden prey Visiting their base Share your treasure with them (and get a reward if they like your booty) To find out more news and reports about Dragon Quest, get acquainted with all Dragon Quest games in order to release them and the Dragon Quest Builders 2 Sunny Sands control list in Pro Game Guides.


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