Get Ready For An Epic Adventure: The Crown Of Wu Releases March 24, 2023

Publisher Meridian Games announces that the digital PC, Xbox and PlayStation variations and the PlayStation 5 Special Boxed Legend Edition by The Crown of Wu will be released on March 24, 2023. The Third-Personal Action Adventure by developer Red Mountain, which is supported by the PlayStation Talents Program, is motivated by Journey to the West, a traditional Chinese unique about the monkey king Sun Kong. The crown of WU informs the adventures of Wu, half monkey, half human, who, after being to declare of the emperor, started to act chaotic since he was wearing a crown that provided him remarkable powers. It is as if wearing the crown ruined the heart... after all, his atrocities and criminal offenses resulted in it that he was captured and sentenced to a hard punishment: he was frozen in a bistatic service.


After lots of years that he nearly spent in consciousness, but immobile, WU is successful in freeing himself from his jail, and he discovers a decadent world in ruins. In addition, his crown was stolen and is used to trigger a vibration that will eventually result in an enormous explosion and thus to the extension... WU has to get his stolen crown back and help those he once punished to save the world and redeem himself to lastly find peace...


  • The game world: immerses in a large country that is both brand-new and old. Inspired by Chinese folklore and produced to inform a new story of Sun's journey from anti-hero to hero, this is a world in which legend and reality fulfill.
  • Attributes and abilities: use the forces of air, earth, lightning and fire. Each of your forces offers you a method to deal with the environment or against your enemies. Attacks with air, lightning and fire. Protect yourself with earth. Consecutive your powers to beat opponents and overcome hazardous abysses.
  • Combat system: Discover a basic and fresh combat system that provides you a growing number of strength on your journey through this terrible country to resolve the secret of the taken crown. Prepare yourself to leap, run and make a way through this new world, while you resolve tricky puzzles and master ever more complex exams while you stroll through the levels.

New game scenes from The Crown of Wu in the trailer:


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