Good Omens Card Game Announced: Match Wits With Michael Sheen and David Tennant In This New Tabletop Adventure!


A card video game based on the popular Prime Video series Promises is on the way. Last night, Renegade Game Studios announced that they were producing an Excellent Omens card video game, with box art including Michael Sheen and David Pennant's representations of Aziraphale and Crowley. Information about the card video game were limited, but the game will have 3 different versions-- one for pastime shops, one for Barnes & Nobles, and one for Amazon. Each variation will have some cosmetic differences in addition to different card art. More details will likely be exposed soon, as the video game is due out for release in May of this year.

The first season was originally billed as a minimal series based on the book, but Great Omens was remarkably renewed for a second season with many of the main cast (including Shine and Pennant) confirmed to return. The plot of the second season of Excellent Omens has mainly been kept under covers, although Gaiman was involved in crafting the brand-new season.


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