How to Plant Seeds in Sons of the Forest: A Survival Game Guide

Children of the Woodland is a survival video game in which you should combat cannibals, in addition to rest, drink and eat in any possible means. Although you can constantly search, Discover canned food or consume berries, you will require a lot more. But for a reputable resource of food materials, it is required to break the garden so that you can expand plants. Here's just how to plant seeds in Children of the Woodland to make sure that you are never starving once more.

Can I grow seeds in Children of the Woodland?

Brief response: Yes, you can plant seeds in Children of the Woodland. To do this, you need to construct a planter in order to start growing plants in your yard. You have two variants of Keisha: build a standing pot or wall pot. The choice is yours, depending on how you desire it to look.

To develop a standing seeder, you need 16 sticks; For a wall planter, you require 13 sticks.

exactly how to expand plants of the woodland sons

You require to find seeds to expand plants in Sons of the Woodland. Follow the complying with steps to construct your garden: Find berry bushes and gather them; You will additionally have an opportunity to get seeds. One more choice is to destroy the bushes and also collect seeds from the ground. Click B to open up the book and also hold X to pick the Gardening tab. Select the sort of planter you wish to construct. Select an area and location it by holding the button. Remember that you can grow just one type of seeds in one pot, as well as they will certainly need two or three days to make them totally expanded. Crafts are needed for your survival, so be certain to discover just how to reproduce a fire in the kids of the forest, considering that you will certainly require it for cooking.


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