Where to Sell Equipment for Additional Gold in Hogwarts's Heritage

Hogwarts's heritage provides its players with a large amount of equipment, such as clothes, hats, mantles and much more, but you cannot save them all. If you do not have enough gallons or a place in the inventory, you can sell your old and unnecessary equipment in exchange for money in Hogwarts Legacy. At the beginning of the game, players are provided with the shape of the house and a place for only 20 objects of equipment in the inventory. In the course of the game, players acquire many things, and most of them are not even needed. Such equipment overflows the inventory without a real goal, and is undesirable. You can turn this unnecessary equipment into your profit by simply selling it to numerous sellers who can be found throughout Hogs mid. To sell equipment that you no longer want to store, you need to find a store or seller ready to buy this equipment from you. Fortunately, in the Hogwarts heritage there are many. Usually, equipment is sold at a price of slightly smaller than the one for which it was bought, but some side missions allow you to sell objects with a profit of 10%.

where to sell unnecessary things in Hogwarts Legacy

The best place to sell your equipment is Hogs mid, a small village with cottages, shops and taverns open only for wizards. Since all kinds of ingredients, exotic plants and magic items necessary for classes are sold in Hogs mid stores, your first trip to Hogs mid, of course, takes place during the first few hours of play after the first two main quests. By visiting Hogs mid once, you can easily go there again if you want to sell or buy items using a bathing system for bats or just flying on your broom. Having reached Hogs mid, you need to look for sellers and shops on which there is a small black icon similar to a coin folded with a pile. This symbol means that you can buy and sell equipment and inventory items in this place. Hogs mid is filled with such stores, and you can find them on almost every sidewalk. Such stores include: Toms and scrolls are south of Hogs mid and belongs to Thomas Brown.


You can sell him any equipment that you will consider unnecessary. Colliders is in the heart of Hogs mid and is controlled by Her bold Oleander, who usually sells wands, but is also ready to buy any unnecessary equipment. Potions of J. Pippin are a potion store in which potions are sold, their recipes and ingredients, located next to the fireplace flame west of Hogs mid.

  • Magic NIP this store is located northwest of the J. Pippin store, where you can also sell your equipment.
  • A broom and a bake is a store where you can sell your magic animals with unnecessary equipment.
  • Sports needs Spin twitches sells brooms, but can also buy goods that you no longer need.
  • Magic clothing of Garages is a clothing store in the center of Hogs mid, not far from the city square, and here you can also sell your equipment. To switch from the purchase menu in the sales menu, you need to click the R1 or RB button on your controller, and then select the item you want to sell. Having sold your equipment in these stores, you can earn galleons, the Hogwarts heritage currency, which can also be used to buy more perfect and high-quality equipment in the same stores.


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