Explore a Bizarre Open World with Arcane Odyssey - Roblox

Arcane Odyssey is a MMORPG Roblox with an open world that offers players to touch their peculiar as well as discover a large card, accumulate numerous special things and equipment, carry out various pursuits and a lot more. Despite whether you join this experience alone or with buddies, it is necessary to stay on par with what is taking place around you, including what evil can hide around the bend, just how to deal with this evil or avert it and, ultimately, exactly how to come to be the greatest magic. Weapons or fist that possesses them all. To help you on your trip, we produced a brief guide below, which describes thoroughly all the controls in Arcane Odyssey.


  • WAS or arrow keys-movement secrets
  • Two times press w, a, s, d-jerk onward, left, appropriate or back
  • Shift-energy charge
  • Control-switch sprint
  • Gap-jump
  • Two times press the gap-rise (standing following to the wall surface).
  • T-high jump.
  • E-speak/ interact.
  • g-block.
  • B-open an emotion food selection.
  • J-Open the gamer statistics menu.
  • K-Open the pursuits' food selection.
  • l-open messages food selection.
  • M-open a card.
  • N-open the navigation menu.
  • '- open up a quick access panel.
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7-Choose and make use of the elements on the fast accessibility panel.
  • M1 (click with the left mouse switch)- light strikes.
  • S, e, f, question, p, c, X, z-magic strikes.
  • p-hide the user interface/switch the cinematic cam.
  • M2 (right-click)- configure the camera.
  • O-reduce the video camera.
  • I-increase the electronic camera. /- open conversation. As this experience remains to create, added management aspects can be included or present monitoring aspects can be altered contrasted to their preliminary designations.

Can I play Arcane Odyssey on mobile phones?

Regrettably, no, Arcane Odyssey can not be played in the Roblox application at the time of publication of this article and also most likely will never be used mobile phones. In the tweet published on February 27, 2023, Vertex answered the customer that requests for compatibility with mobile tools, and stated the following:. Mobile tools are not a concern and also may never be added. This is a demanding video game in which there are numerous switches that need to be pushed, and also probably it is even impossible to launch it on the phone..

Can I play Arcane Odyssey on Xbox?

No, the sorceress Odyssey can not play Xbox at the time of publication of this article. As in the situation of mobile phones, it is not understood whether this compatibility will certainly ever be added. Are you seeking even more mysterious ODYSSEY? Look into our recent guides about just how to hire sailors in Arcane Odyssey-Roblox or exactly how to drop your statistics in Arcane Odyssey-Roblox here, in the guidelines for ready experts!