Sons of the Forest: Complete Guide to Armor Locations and Manufacturing

Bone armor is one of the very first armor that you can buy at Boys of the First. It provides an average decrease in damage, like armor from the skin, however calls for a bit a lot more products for manufacture. You make a decision whether you intend to make armor of natural leather or bones, depending on the sources that you have, considering that they offer the same level of defense. For the manufacture of bone armor of the children of the forest, you will certainly need: 4x bones 1x rope 1x sticky tape Bones are easiest to buy amongst three materials for craft. You can obtain them by killing mutants or in cemeteries, in the camps of cannibals and also excavations. You can obtain a rope and also glue tape in numerous locations throughout the island, and also the rope can typically be found alongside the skeletons in the caverns.

how to make awful armor

The terrible armor gives somewhat less defense than bone armor, yet it is much simpler to make. This is meant for the early video game, so consider creating terrible armor asap. The major trouble with this armor is that it is impossible to be as deceptive customarily.

In this armor you will stick out, and also mutants as well as pets around you will see you well. You will certainly need the following things to create awful armor. Skin mutant Battle blade You can largely think how you can get a mutant skin-killing mutants. You can locate mutants in a lot of position on the islands, especially in caverns. First you need to track the mutant and discover. You can use your fight knife to get rid of the skin from the mutant and... get his skin. After that you can use this to create awful armor from your supply. Please note that for the manufacture of armor you will need just one component, which is a perk point.


Just how to make a good armor

The armor of the sheet is the many fundamental armors in the sons of the woodland. We can state that this is the first armor that you produce. It provides the most affordable protection of all six armor, but it is likewise simplest to make. To create the armor of the boys of the forest sheet, you will need the complying with products: 10x sheet 1x textile The fabric can be discovered in many places throughout the island, but the most convenient means to get the fallen leaves, due to the fact that you are actually in the forest with trees and also hedges around you. Provided that this armor offers the most affordable protection, it is still better than strolling nude. We advise developing this armor asap in the beginning of the video game so that you can withstand a couple of even more beats as well as not die so easy.

In enhancement to tools, in the kids of the forest you can discover numerous kinds of armor They raise your defense characteristics to reduce the damages obtained from adversaries, as well as additionally cozy to survive in winter months. In this game, it is extremely vital to get armor in your own hands, because one better weapon in battle is insufficient. Later on in the video game you will experience big groups of more powerful enemies as well as make certain to get several beats, that makes the best reduction in damages offered by armor You will certainly need to keep an eye on the collections of armor of the ideal level throughout the video game. The ideal armor will certainly be extra long-lasting and also will certainly provide a stronger security, as you can visualize, yet getting it will not be so straightforward. You can discover some armor in various areas on the map, while others will certainly need to be created making use of numerous resources. In total, on the island in children of the Woodland you can find 6 various armor Some of them require to be created, while others need to be robbed from underground bunkers. Golden armor Technical armor Conceal the armor Bone armor Dreadful armor. Leaf armor.

just how to obtain gold armor.

Golden armor is the very best armor in the children of the forest. This provides you the greatest defense from all types of armor in the video game. Additionally, this is additionally the greatest armor Golden armor never ever spoils, which indicates that as quickly as you obtain it, you can wait forever, because it can not be destroyed. Being such effective armor, you would be right, suggesting that you will certainly get it at the last stages of the game. In addition, the acquisition of this armor additionally offers you accessibility to new areas, such as Magma caves. This collection of armor additionally can not be scattered-you will certainly have to look for it on the island. The location Golden Armor is a bunker that lies inside the cavern west of the snowy hills, in the southeastern edge of the island, ideal following to a large lake. Do not worry that you will certainly miss this armor, as it is essential to open evictions of the eastern shelter, so the game will guide you to this armor in the later stages. In this cave there is a locked door, for the opening of which you need a crucial card of solution, so first you require taking it right into your own hands. You can discover this crucial card in an additional shelter situated inside the cavern, designated as a landmark on the eastern edge of the card. This is the very place where you can get a 3D printer. Having acquired access to the key-card, go to the cavern alongside a huge lake. You need to decrease to the 2nd level of the cave to find the locked door. You can open this door making use of a solution essential card that you simply acquired. Go into the space with a yellow door and also be ready to manage a number of mutants. You can either kill them or flee from them-it totally relies on you. Next off, you require dropping the stairways and go into the 2nd area in the 2nd hallway. In this space you can locate the gold armor of the boy of the forest pushing the sofa.

exactly how to make technological armor.

Like the gold armor, the Sons of the Forest Technology armor likewise offers perfect statistics on reducing damage, yet as a matter of fact it is economically lucrative. This results from the fact that, unlike previous armor, technological armor can not be discovered, and also instead it must be made, but it is very difficult to find the products essential for its manufacture. In enhancement, to finish the set, you will certainly need ten various armor, each of which is produced separately. Here are the products that you will need for the manufacture of technological armor. 1x technical grid 1x cable 1x batteries 1x glue tape 1x printed circuit card. Such objects as sticky tape, wire, etc., can be located in a number of various places throughout the island, specifically in those that have indicators of civilization or shelters. Nevertheless, the technical grid needs to be developed by itself. You can develop Technology Mesh on the 3D printer, which was stated earlier. Printing calls for 250 Printer Resin. Considering that you require 10 items, you will need just 2500 Printer Material to produce adequate Technology Mesh for Technology Armor.

Exactly how to make a leather armor

The armor of the skin supplies a slightly much less damage to damages than the Tech armor, the products required for their manufacture can be gotten fairly easily. In enhancement, he also warms you well, that makes it great armor for use in winter season if you do not have enough winter season garments. For the manufacture of armor from the skin of the children of the forest, you will certainly need the following things: 1x fabric 2x pet skins To obtain the skin, you must search as well as freshen the deer. Nonetheless, this may be hard, because deer will run away if they see that you are slipping up to them. For hunting, long-range weapons are best matched. To discover material, you can search a couple of places throughout the island, in which there are signs of human life. You can also locate material in cabinets with victim.

just how to make bone armor