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4WE is a consumer-oriented fan blog that provides you with the latest news about Xbox products and games, created to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We give precious content for gamers and theater live broadcasts in the community.

Celebrate more than a decade of content by building your memories or searching for great articles from the past. Our analysts will follow up on hilarious moments that have occurred all the time, including some very memorable rants on HBO's live TV, the first E3 footage commentary, and a thrilling report from Seattle.

With the introduction of the Xbox360 in 2005, a new fan began to emerge. With Playstation 3 in 2006 and Wii in 2007, games have gone beyond what consoles can provide. By 2008, Xbox firmly placed itself at the center of this storm, but initially, it was challenging to gain an extensive following.

The real turning point was the release of Halo 3 in 2009, and it had continued to the present when Microsoft created a new IP halo master! To celebrate the 10th anniversary online, we spent a lot of time making your life easier! All title profiles, entertainment portals, weekly comment pages, and interactive centers on editable lists make everything more apparent!

For more than ten years, we have been dedicated to providing the best content to our incredible fan base with millions of fans worldwide, whether a dedicated Xbox forum or an exclusive article.
The Xbox Worlds team is a dedicated team of gamers and technical experts who have been working with Microsoft to provide the most trusted Xbox news and opinions.

We are there to bring you all the latest discussions, news, rumors, game releases of Xbox progress, and exciting sub-brands such as xCloud and Xbox Game Pass.

The content of Xbox World is our main focus, and we hope you enjoy every moment of reading us every week!


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